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Monday, August 3, 2015

Site Announcement - Taiko Time 5th Anniversary!

Quick celebratory drawing picture thingy slapped together by nigelliusnitrox

Three days and five years ago, the Taiko Time journey as a source of Taiko no Tatsujin news for English-speaking people began with a timid blog entry by aquabluu/pikaby, the original founder. Five years after that, thanks to the help of both former and current contributors -as well as our readers'appreciation for this humble corner of the Internet-, we're still going strong and ready to charge forward for what else is on the shelves for our drumming franchise in the future.

Like for any of our previous (and future ones, of course!) milestones, we want to thanks every one of our readers -both recurring and occasional visitors- for keeping this blog active and lively with your support! As such, we're running our Anniversary event a little bit different from usual.

In the past three years, I and pikaby have crafted several Taiko quizzes for our readers to test their Taiko knowledge of both current and past trivias. The more we went on, the more devilish the question became, year after year... so, for a change, wouldn't you want to switch places for a year?

That's right: there's no Taiko quiz from us this year, because the contestants will be... well, us! From today until the end of August, we'll accept any kind of questions about Taiko talk, the blog, ourselves or any kind of topic you want to ask! You can direct your question/s to either part or all of Taiko Time's currently-active editors (aquabluu/pikaby, Lokamp, nigelliusitrox and CoroQuetz). We'll try to answer as much contacts as we can, but keep in mind that questions deeply falling in 'personal/private life' territory may not receive an answer. You can send your questions to either our Taiko Time Facebook page as a private message, our @taikotimeblog Twitter feed as a direct message, or to pikaby's email address, which is listed in our Contact section.

We -might- have something else planned for the month for the Anniversary climate, but it's not the time for us to play our cards in advance... Just wait and see!


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