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Thursday, August 27, 2015

[RANDOM] - Yakuza 5's North American Localization

Yakuza 5

Heading back to the Playstation Blog (this time with the North American version), it has been announced last Monday that Sega's 5th instalment of the Yakuza franchise is coming stateside as a digital-only release. The PS3 game will offer the theme above as a bonus for digital pre-orders, and it comes with all the fun and odd side-activities of the game's arcade rooms. Which means...

Yakuza 5

Yup, it's actual Taiko gameplay... in English! The Taiko minigame we already reported three years ago will be featured in the game's localized version, making it the first legit Taiko... something in NA with actual Taiko gameplay since 2004's Taiko Drum Master game for PS2.

Not only that, this will be the first legit Taiko gameplay experience for European users, as the previously-announced localization of the game (which is slated for this year) has been updated with a recent PS blog entry, indicating that all the Japanese DLC content and extra activities (Taiko minigame included) will be included in the base game.

Thanks to chatbox user Dary16 for the find!


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  2. Call me optimistic, but with the recent arrival of the Taiko collab to Puzzle and Dragons NA and the translation of the AC in Yakuza 5 (when they could have had left the minigame in it's original language), might Namco be attempting to bring it outside of Japan again??? At this point I'm not sure of anything, this is just speculation, but if there is a God, please please triple please grant me this wish and make Taiko no Tatsujin a Worldwide phenomenon.