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Thursday, August 6, 2015

First video: V Version's August DLC

Like Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX before it, V Version's new DLC content has left the players to wait until halfway through this day (in Japan, at least), but now they're finally here!

Let's see the new debuting tracks for the game, including the exclusive Variety licenses for the game's Asian version.

 Chain Chronicle Final Battle Medley (チェインクロニクル 最終決戦メドレー) (4/6/6/8/9; 713 notes on Oni, 820 notes on Ura Oni)

Chain Chronicle's music is back, and with a vengeance! While the regular Oni mode already packs in lots of mono-color clusters, the song's Ura mode updates the chart in a similar way to the Normal Battle Medley's Ura Oni, with the addition of pesky 1/32 clusters before transitioning to the 'Battle Clear' jingle, also appearing in the Normal Battle Medley.

 Gunslinger Cinderella (ガンスリンガーシンデレラ) (5/6/7/9; 861 notes on Oni)

The second new entry from the Popular Song Pack 3, this new Namco Original is made by composers and singers from Cineraria Studio, as some tweets from the studio itself have been tweeted to V Version's Twitter account (like this one!) From a recent post in their official website we also come to know that the song's singer is Rika Hisui (ヒスイリカ), making her debut in the commissioned song field with the so-labeled "Euro Gothic" Gunslinger Cinderella on Taiko games.

Coming to the song's notechart, the Oni mode offers many 3 and 4-note clusters altogether to give the song an upbeat beat, also splicing in scrolling bursts for single ginat note and hybrid time signature clusters as well.

 Rising Hope (4/6/6/7; 473 notes on Oni)

The Popular Song 4 pack opens with a licensed song that was so popular in the DLC suggestion polls that has been made its Taiko debut on V Version! Aside from the upper-end high notecount for the 7* Oni Anime song, Rising Hope's note patterns are gliding swiftly into many of the general charting tropes of Anime songs of the past.

 Umiyuri Kaitei Tan (ウミユリ海底譚) (4/5/6/7; 635 notes on Oni)

A different story can be told for the latest Hatsune Miku song, also debuting with V Version's 4th Popular Song Pack. Its low BPM value and high Oni mode notecount made of small-to-big clusters makes the mode a perfect middle ground between Oshiri no Yama wa Everest's Oni and Ura Oni difficulty degree, making for another low-BPM stamina prasctising field for Taiko rookies.

 Jing Wu Men (精舞門) (3/4/5/6; 349 notes on Oni)

It's finally time to have a look at the exclusive Chinese licenses for the not-Japanese V Version's August DLC lot, starting with Show Lo's Jing Wu Men. Notechart-speaking there aren't that many surprises for a 6-star Oni, but at least we have hints at the in-game changes between the Asian version of the PS Vita game and the Japanese one, such as the Chinese wording for difficulty/combo counter/genres and the Japanese voice samples from the JP being ported untranslated.

Gotta love that PERFECT! sign for Full Combos, by the way...

 Ni Shih Wo De Hua Duo (你是我的花朵) (3/4/4/8; 425 notes on Oni)

The hardest of the Asian-exclusive DLC tracks, Wu Bai's song on Taiko features many tricky small clusters that can be safely trained on without any sort of visual distraction gimmick of sorts in the scrolling department.

 920 feat. Xiaoyu Song (920 feat.小宇) (2/4/5/7; 437 notes on Oni)

The last of the AVEX Popular Song Pack tracks, 920 has changed its main title wording, which now includes singer Xiaoyu Song in the title. The track is the fastest of the first lot of Chinese-exclusive songs, also majorly featuring small clusters along the way.

 Little Apple (小蘋果) (3/4/5/5; 461 notes on Oni)

Last but not least, we have the free Asian-exclusive DLC song, which surprisingly is the one with the highest Oni notecount of the bunch! Chopstick Brothers' Little Apple has also the lowest-rated Oni mode of the four songs, checking in with mono-colored clusters and a overall slow pace.

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