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Friday, July 31, 2015

World Championship 2016 Song Contest: The Day Before Updates

太鼓の達人 ドンだー!世界一決定戦2016 課題曲募集だドン!

We are one day away from the opening of the newest Creofuga song contest, in for the upcoming World Championship 2016. Let's check out the things for the last time before it kicks off!

Shoutout to South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong
We want your creations too! The song contest will be opening to a slightly greater Asia region somewhere around September (exact date announced later), and then both Japan and Asia submission will cut together on September 30.

To participate, of course do read through the essential Contest Regulations on the rules and other contractual/legal details like the allocation of copyright (most importantly, do not enter if you have absolutely no intention to transfer the rights of your song(s) to BNEI). As resources, check out the new Music Creation Guide for some guidelines to start you off.

Artwork! Use Them!
With the previous Twitter contest, an awesome (some parts otherwise) line-up of Donder-submitted artwork is available for songwriters to match with their music creations. Download from the Artwork tab.

Songwriter Hall of Fame

As we told you before, in this contest Namco also celebrates previously contest-frequent songwriters in a Hall of Fame. Their music creation skills are so well-recognized that, in addition to being invited to interviews to speak about the art, they are all invited to create songs for WCS2016 outside the whole contest selection business!

Check out at the Interview tab for thoughts from Harunaba, MOES and Bona Inoue and stay tuned for the last interview with Chiharu Kaneko (aka. Chiharu ver 9.1.7).

※ Ryuwitty has since retired from music creation, and will not be participating in both parts of the Hall of Fame.

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