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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (May 7 2015) - From Aomono-yokochou to Monzen-nakachou

Quick little feature today, as Etou and the team are busy moving from the Aomono-yokuchou office now to the new location at Monzen-nakachou. While the Team is moving and resetting the development  here are some ancient (?) relics found across the days of packing!


1. Kat-chan Game Stool
A retired past prize that is a game stool in the shape of Kat-chan. If you had one of these (which would never be available again) you could sit on Kat-chan's face!

2. Taiko no Tatsujin Tea
A can of tea drink that Namco has commissioned to put Taiko designs on the side, from the Taiko AC13 and Wii2 days. But the best before date is way past so let's forever keep it sealed as is.


3. Weapon left by ex-leader Takahashi
This is a very dangerous item (according to the tags), which is going to be put under serious custody by Etou. The boomerang with a rather cute kangaroo motif appears to be a relic from Australia, and can deal mass damages swiftly.

4. ???

Okay now get back to packing Etou.

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  1. 2tou bls,that's not going to hide the fact that it's a pop'n music cabinet model.

    I forgot which version is it based on though,brb checking konamistyle

    1. Guess it could be either PARTY or Sengoku Retsuden,I'm guessing the latter judging from the colours on the screen