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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Video: Anataboshi (Ura Oni) and Mahou o Kakete!

It's already past Midnight in the Land of the Rising Sun, casting Japan into a new Thursday and with that, another song release from the second Taiko 3DS game.

 アナタボシ Anataboshi (3/4/4/5/8; 483 notes in Ura Oni)
Being one of the opening themes for Kirarin Revolution, Anataboshi comes back with a brand new 8* Ura Oni mode, bringing some of the modern charting tropes to the previously-exclusive Anime theme.

 魔法をかけて! Mahou o Kakete! (3/3/4/7; 444 notes on Oni)
Well at least someone got some modern love. As the Murasaki ver. opens 7:00am today, Donders are greeted with this new notechart set to Mahou o Kakete! that could potentially make one doubt if it is worth the rating up. Compared with its old 527-note 6★ Oni notechart (in AC9 standards), this new chart has significantly less notes but some more mixed triples. The shifted challenge focus may prove harder for some of our intermediate Donders, but it is very much up to personal feelings.

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