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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (April 16 2015) - Wii U2 April DLC [RETRACTED 12:00]

Daifuku bringing you new for Taiko Wii U2! The April downloadable content, to be released on April 27, is significantly less glamorous than last month's (three completely new, one fan favourite plus one), with two Murasaki ver. debuts and no outfit items:

 Miracle Go! プリンセスプリキュア Miracle Go! Princess PreCure
 ケラケラじゃんけん Kerakera Jyanken
Maybe there would be one more song? Daifuku decides to not say for sure.

Addendum, April 16 12:00:
Due to various issues and uncertainties, fixes and tweaks are needed for the April DLC information. As such, it has been decided to retract the announcement for now. The release date and song list will be announced again later when it is confirmed.

That's it from Daifuku for today. Remember Friday's livestream, and come back later for another blog post.

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