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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twitter Snippets (March 31 2015) - Ending the Serious Seriousness: Puzzle Pick-ups

And after a few hours of scrambling through the URLs and the .jpgs, some of the Donders have already found the password and tweeted it out. And the great (?) March 31 Puzzle is hence declared completed. **insert Professor Layton solution animation**

What is the gift from the scrolls? Tomorrow on Murasaki ver., the songs Kidaruma 2000 and 「????」 will be open to all Donders for one day only. Hmmm... new song?

For those who have not get the puzzle, Etou also released a fifth scroll detailing the full solution steps. We will also be explaining in English after the jump. If you do not want to be spoiled of the solution, do not click the link on the tweet or the Read more jump here!

**This is a vast piece of blank space, reminding you once again to turn back if you don't want spoilers**

Welcome back. You are very determined to know the solution? The official guide image (in Japanese) can be found in the link

Step 1 - Answer all the questions on the scrolls and pair them up:
Ha-One (は・壱) / Ro-Two (ろ・弐) / Ni-Three (に・参) / I-Four (い・肆)
Step 2 - Match these pairs on the grid with the symbols
Step 3 - As hinted from the sun and moon riddle:
The moon is missing one half → mirror the symbols which were halves of full letters
The sun rises from below → read from bottom to top, giving XVTH
Step 4 - Put XVTH into the spaces in the URL, and get this image.

Step 5 - Because it is a 2-something minus a 2-something giving XV, we can deduce it being some number. As Roman numerals, we have XV = 15
Step 6 - Replace XV with the number 15, and get the final congratulatory message with the password. The password is "Yellow Sun, Gorgeous Moon". So I guess that all this is also a gimmick for 15TH (Anniversary of Taiko)?

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