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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (March 31 2015) - It's Not April 1, so Let's Get Serious

Let's emphasize that today is March 31, the March 31 that is just one day before the April 1. Cool? Okay. Surprise blog post time.

As noted in a livestream (beyond our knowledge before, but now you know), the company are having plans of moving out of the building where the Taiko Team used to work, known as Future Lab (there's even a song). During the packing up, the Team has discovered these rather peculiar "rolls", and Etou is here to share with us today.

Taiko Scrolls of Secrets ~Character ver.~
Q: What should be in the following ○s?

While Taiko no Tatsujin is famous for characters like Don-chan and Kat-chan, there are also other charismatic character, including 「○"ちお先生」 who teaches how to play Taiko, and Tetsuo and 「○なちゃん」 who plays Taiko together.

Q: Also familiar to many Donders is Mekadon. His body is the hybrid of mecha and 「?」. What fills in 「?」?
One. Elm / Two: Pine / Three: Cedar / Four: Taiko

Taiko Scrolls of Secrets ~Song ver.~
Q: What should be in the following ○s?

Like Namco Original songs from the first arcade Taiko no Tatsujin, including 「オフ・ック」「君に、マンティック」「ハ○ー!どんちゃん!」, even now the games continues to include a lot of popular songs.

Q: The first console software in the series, Taiko no Tatsujin Tatacon de Dodon ga Don, features Classic Medley (「?」 ver.). What fills in 「?」?
One. Wedding / Two: Rock / Three: Home Party / Four: 〆

Taiko Scrolls of Secrets ~Cooking ver.~
Q: What should be in the following ○s?

In the critically acclaimed (?) livestream section Etou's Kitchen's inaugural installment, the recipe features the never-to-be-missed must-have ingredient, the く」.

Q: Which is a popular catchphrase from an Etou's Kitchen recipe? Choose 1 from the following.
One. A bit / Two: As you like / Three: Suitable / Four: Olive Oil

Taiko Scrolls of Secrets ~Tournament ver.~
Q: What should be in the following ○s?

From Tenkaichi Otogesai, a song that has shaken Donders and otogamers alike is ○ぐにす だんす」.

Q: The catchphrase used for Donder! Nippon-ichi Ketteisai 2013 is "Make it a unforgettable 「?」". What fills in 「?」?
One: Spring / Two: Fall / Three: Winter / Four: Summer

The sun rises from below
The moon is missing one half

Filling in □□□□ gives the password

Ehhhhh... apparently these are not what it seems to be; it is some sort of riddle. In fact what if anyone could unlock the secret password hidden behind the riddle? Perhaps this legendary Taiko Scrolls of Secrets hailing from ancient times would bestow a 1-day only gift to all the Donders? What, are you questioning the legitimacy of this "squabble" you say? Today is March 31, not April 1! The legend is real!

...so say Etou, who is still stuck in the facade of the cryptic message. But if anyone (just one person will do) tweet the correct solution (the password only) to @taiko_team within today (March 31) to help Etou out, the gift from the scrolls will be delivered out to everyone on April 1. Get working!

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