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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (March 26 2015) - Livestream Ahoy and April DonChare

Yesterday's surprise blog post was not very surprising considering most were already previewed in a livestream. Today's regular blog post is perhaps not very regular but still also concerns a livestream.

How much concerned you ask? Well let the ginormous purple text tell you:

2015/4/17 (Fri) 19:00~
Taiko Team Official Livestream #7!

As of now Etou can confirm a cast of Daifuku, Masubuchi, Takemoto and himself, and a section all about exciting new Murasaki ver. happenings, like new songs, return of the Ranking Dojo and online tournaments. Let's allow the Team to keep some secrecy at this point, and stay tuned to later blog posts and the stream itself!

★   ★   ★

Now that Murasaki ver. sits nicely in your (Japanese) cabinets, it's time to revive the monthly things. In particular, April's DonChare will unlock you, upon clearing 8 goals:

 蓄勢 ~GEAR UP~ Chikuzei ~GEAR UP~

A second Kikyoku revival after Zeihen at Murasaki launch! In case you forgot how the 7-year-old song (last seen AC12 and Wii 2) sounds or plays like, check back on our Kikyoku series feature.

For trivial purposes, this is the first time that a first DonChare after a major version change to not feature a completely new song (we had Chiriyuku, Haryu, Houou Tenbu, Karyu). This could be especially depressing considering we have two other Kikyoku songs never seeing the light of the arcade (Shokou, Chouren).

As for the monthly gift, April gives you the sleepy hat and snore bubble combination called Pajamas (パジャマ). Together with an adorable Teddy Bear (クマのぬいぐるみ) from the Rewards Shop for a limited time, store up energy in a beauty sleep for more stamina to play Taiko!

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