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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (February 5 2015) - Murasaki ver., Livestream and 3DS2 DLC

This is two blog posts mashed into one. Click here to skip to the second.

Still recovering from the massive hype of Murasaki ver.? Let's get slightly down-to-earth with some of the usual across-version administrative stuff. But first...

Purpling Up JAEPO 2015
As mentioned in the previous livestream, Murasaki ver. will make an exclusive preview appearance at the Japan Amusement Expo 2015 exhibition. Especially on the public entrance day of February 14, you can try out some of the new version's kinks and new songs. (The cabinet will be offline and not support your cards for this time.)

Also exclusive (for now) to the JAEPO 2015 floors is the first-hand release of the mass produced Tatsudon T-shirt. It's funny how our little AprilBAKA joke became physical goods eh? For a first sale there will be limits on how many one can buy, but this won't be the only sale, so relax.

Murasaki ver., The Path to
Another version means another sequence of preparatory closing works. Here are the current status of things:

  • User challenges, tournaments and friend requests: will be paused from February 15 until Murasaki release
  • Song removals: Happy Go Lucky! Dokidoki! PreCure and Otemoyan will be removed around Murasaki release
  • Ranking Dojo and Taiko School: will be temporarily unplayable in late February. Again this time Donders will still get their "Kimidori rank" titles, by their highest rank cleared.
  • Cabinet rankings: will be reset at Murasaki release. For the few cabinets that is still at Kimidori ver. after that, the cabinet rankings will just freeze and not change.
  • DonPoints and Shopping Points: Like previous version updates, DonPoints will be cleared for a new set of rewards. Shopping Points will be carried over for your continued shopping needs.
  • Other things: will work more or less like previous version changes. Stay tuned for a detailed list of where things go later.

Livestream Recap
As for the livestream recap, we are just going to urge you to check out our Taiko postcards from the Game Party Japan 2015, which would be in much better detail anyway. Although check back to the original post for smartphone wallpapers made of the winning and honorable mention submissions from Takemoto's Gauntlet.

Link to original post

★   ★   ★

Today's second Namco Taiko Blog comes from Sasaoka. You know the guy, the director of Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken and the very same one who presented you the rugged Boss Rush in the DLC chapter oh god no (spoilers).

Again as previously reported, the quest+songs pack from January will be the last of its kind. Those who want to join the extended travels with Takkun and Don-chan, meeting past friends and foes and being overwhelmed by the toughest tasks by the staff themselves oh god no (spoilers) are recommended to check out the seven packs.

That doesn't mean all the DLC are ending. From this February (specifically today) onwards, one DLC song will be released every week! Unlike the previous packs that includes a fixed lineup and our previous speculation, you can pick these songs individually at 150 yen per song (tax excl.).
  • Feb 5 (today!) -  Switch On! Kamen Rider Fourze (+Ura)
  • Feb 12 -  Chocolate Disco
  • Feb 19 -  Tank! Cowboy Bebop (+Ura)
  • Feb 26 -  Hare Hare Yukai Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Other than in-game stuff, you can also grab out-of-game themes for your 3DS at 100 yen apiece (tax incl.)! The Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro Version (太鼓の達人 モモイロばーじょん; left) will be released on February 18 and Taiko no Tatsujin Omatsuri Version (太鼓の達人 お祭りばーじょん; right) on February 25.

Now that makes another monthly thing to anticipate for in the Namco Taiko Blog schedule eh? See you next month for the next batch of songs, and later for other updates and things.


  1. Why is there no DLC love for Tokumori? :c

    1. My theory is they got burned so hard by the 'GIGANTIC HEAPS OF SONGS FOR FREE LOL' strategy with WiiU1 that they're playing it very safe with Tokumori and letting 3DS get the DLC for now

    2. That sucks considering i got my jp wii u after the dlc ending of wii u version, a little after christmas, so i got no free dlc for wii u version. And the region hack for 3ds has no internet abilities, at least as of yet. I'm in the worst of spots right now