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Monday, February 2, 2015

First video of Jikuuchou Sousa 2-Ka

As the previously-released Jikuu Chou Jikuu 1-Ka closed the circle of Don Challenge content under the Sorairo version, its sequel song is doing the same job with Kimidori! The video above showcases the 8-star Oni mode of Jikuu Chou Sousa 2-Ka (4/6/7/8), counting 773 notes and tons of clusters like its harder predecessor.

Aside from the new singer being featured as the song's subtitle, it's very possible that Kawagen Collagen is the composer once again, as many of this month's Don Challenge missions mention a certain 'Agent Kawagen' working behind the scenes of Banapassport players. However, that's all for now- if a third Space-Time Division song pops up, rest assured that there will be a warm spot in our Song Series section, ready to cover facts about the whole bunch!

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