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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taiko postcards from the Game Party Japan 2015


As usual, here's our quick, visual-based recap about the 1-hour show from the usual Taiko Team live-streamers at this year's edition of the Game Party Japan event. There's little to know more from the previous takeaways, but nonetheless it's worth a separate page for some extra stuff. Off we go!

Basically the presentation consisted in two main parts: the Taiko Team's Challenge and flash news for Taiko collaborations and gaming in general. For the first part, the stream opener has been Taiko mascot Daifuku's challenge on Natsu Matsuri Oni, being played on Taiko Wii U Tokumori.

After one try at the beginning and three more attempts near the end, she didn't make it to a successful play, despite a short tutorial by Etou about handling the drumsticks on the Tatacon. Still, the audience at the booth hasn't waited to cheer her up during the plays! Below is another screen with a little drawing by Daifuku herself.

Coming up next was Masubutchi's Intro-Don live challenge, in which both the live audience and Nicovideo viewers were called to guess the songs with their very first notes (or even the very last ones!). After the audience runs with Angel Dream, Sotsu Omeshiki and Theremin Rhapsody, the computer-wielding users had to guess Minuet and Ao no Senritsu, with a transmission error that spoiled the third song planned in advance (Saturday Taiko Fever) and forced the team to skip it. Whoops!

Coming next is the Takemoto corner of Taiko-related pictures, gathered in the past days through Twitter. Below are the best three picked by the modern lead Taiko games programmer

The second picture topped both the food-based Taiko craze and the Taiko 3DS 1 characters papercrafts, resulting in Takemoto's winner. However, this doesn't mean we don't have honorable mentions! Here they are:

Even Takemoto wanted to join the fun! Here's a picture of Taiko brothers plushies next to a baby. How sweet!

After the three fan-boasted segments, the 'news flash' part of the broadcast began, starting with the currently-active Taiko collaborations.

The Sachiko Kobayahi collaboration has gathered a lot of outfit drawing for both Don-Chan and the Last Boss herself, and now it's time to show the best ones! The enka singer herself appeared in video form to pick the best user-drawn outfits, as well as one drawn by Sachiko herself (on the right).

Then we go off to yet another reminder to the recently-begun Idolm@ster Cinderellla Girls collab. As there's nothing new and we already digressed this topic twice in a week, let's move on before I shoot pink from my eyes. Next!

Next we have the much-anticipated rewards for what is shaped to be Kimidori Version's last Don Challenge round, featuring a brand new NO sequel song and a Jet Pilot outfit.

Why I say 'Last for Kimidori', you ask? Assuming that you haven't read the Quick Takeaways, there's something more to be revealed.... Introducing Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Version!

This is the next major firmware upgrade for the everlasting Taiko 0 arcade brand, featuring -among the other things- the official debut of not-collaboration Petit Chara figures for Taiko avatars and even more songs! As we have previously seen, this upgrade will be launched in March this year.

However, all the people attending the JAEPO edition of this year will have a chance to try the arcade in advance with part of the new songs included! The Murasaki Version arcades will be available on February 14th at the Bandai Namco booths, together with soething else...

Ever wanted you own Tatsu-Don T-Shirt? Now you can! In the same day, JAEPO users can purchase these event-exclusive shirts in the same booth, in four different sizes (until supplies last).

With that, this feature is over! Now let me just grab that hot coffee jar for our usual Saturday appointment...

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