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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (8 January 2014) - Taiko Tournaments in Early 2015

In line with the last few years, to have some slow news features upon a new year's beginning is a surely-expected trend for gaming by this time, and Taiko games are no exception. Today, for example, Etou's Taiko Blog entry is about the two 'minor' Winter tournaments for Taiko arcades: the Huis Ten Bosch Cup and the elementary school-oriented World Hobby Fair '15 tourney.

Since we already mentioned the former before in our blog, now we're having a quick look to the latter's pre-finals schedule. As stated in the past, there will be five mini-tourneys in four local fairs for the youngest Taiko players, in order to pick the contenders for the Grand Champion prize at the WHF later this February. The tourneys are set in Nagoya (Jan. 18th), Tokyo (Jan. 24th/25th), Fukuoka (Feb. 1st) and Osaka (Feb. 8th) under the Bandai Namco stand, where either Etou or Takemoto will be the main host for the event. Stop by and say hello to these Taiko Team personalities if you happen to visit these stands in the next weeks!

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