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Monday, January 26, 2015

Common Shorthand Names for Taiko no Tatsujin Songs

Sometimes in life it is not convenient to say/spell/type out the whole song title and titles get abbreviated. Sometimes it is just the funny and/or catchy result of bad conversion into kanji by common Japanese typing systems. Whatever way these come by, there has been quite some iconic shorthand names for Taiko no Tatsujin songs that gained popularity over the years. Here we list a number of them with accompanying notes and explanations.

**Incomplete as of now. Do tell us if you have more information!**

Key: Anime Children/Folk Classic J-Pop Game Music Variety Vocaloid  Namco Original

 Shorthand Notes

パニ (pani)Punishment → パニッシュメント

パニッシュ (panisshu; lit. punish)Punishment → パニッシュメント

伯方の塩 (hakata no shio; lit. Hakata salt)Mis-transcription of lyric 裸の心臓
(hadaka no shinzou; lit. naked heart)
 Mori no Kuma-san (もりのくまさん)

もりくま (morikuma)もりくまさん

森熊 (morikuma; lit. forest bear)Conversion of もりくま
裏森熊 (ura morikuma; lit. inner forest bear)譜面 (Ura notechart) + 森熊
裏熊 (ura kuma; lit. inner bear)Short of 裏森熊
もりくMAX (moriku-max)もりくま + ∆MAX
(a difficult song in DDR with a lot of BPM changes)
 Yawaraka Sensha (やわらか戦車)

やわ戦 (yawa-sen)やわらか
裏戦車 (ura sensha; lit. inner tank)譜面 (Ura notechart) + やわらか戦車
(yawarakakunai sensha; lit. not-squishy tank)
Ura notechart is significantly tougher and not squishy/weak
重戦車 (juusensha; lit. heavy tank)Ura notechart is significantly tougher and not squishy/weak

内藤ファイヤー (naitou fire)Similar sounding

内藤 (naitou)Short of 内藤ファイヤー
 Oretachi CoroCoro Age (俺たちコロコロAge)

コロ揚げ (koro-age; lit. fried balls)俺たちコロコロAge; Age → あげ and conversion
 Toccata and Fugue and Rock (トッカータとフーガとロック)

トフロ (tofuro)ッカータとーガとック
 No Way Back

農営 (nou'ei; lit. agriculture)No Way Back → ノーウェイバック and conversion
 Kamikaze Remix

神風 (kamikaze)Kamikaze Remix → かみかぜ and conversion

ドリル便座 (drill benza; lit. drill potty)Transcription of vocal

胡麻和え (goma ae; lit. sesame mix)Similar sounding

ごまえー (gomaee)Similar sounding
 エージェント夜を往く Agent Yoru o Yuku

十勝 (Tokachi)im@s inside jokeとかちつくちて
(also flashed at song select from AC10~12)

土台 (dodai; lit. foundation)Do-Dai → どーだい and conversion
 Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~

HHBHoney Heartbeat

ハニハ (haniha)Honey Heartbeat → ハニートビート

アバトレ (aba-tore)URBAN TRAIL → トレイル

アーバンT (urban T)URBAN → アーバン + TRAIL

アバフラ (aba-fura)URBAN FRAGMENTS → フラグメンツ

アーバンF (urban F)URBAN → アーバン + FRAGMENTS
 Hole in the wall

壁穴 (kabe ana; lit. wall hole)Meaning translation
 Karui Zawameki (軽いざわめき)

軽井沢 (Karuizawa)軽いざわめき and conversion
 Nightmare Survivor (ナイトメア・サバイバー)

鯖 (saba; lit. mackerel)ナイトメア・サバイバー and conversion

ナイサバ (nai-saba)ナイトメア・サバイバー

ナイトメア (nightmare)ナイトメア・サバイバー

サバイバー (survivor)ナイトメア・サバイバー
 Sotsu Omeshiki (そつおめしき)

そつおめ (sotsu-ome)そつおめしき
 Ryougen no Mai (燎原ノ舞)

玄米 (genmai; lit. brown rice)燎原ノ舞 → りょうげんまい and conversion
 Tenyou no Mai (天妖ノ舞)

転用 (tenyou; lit. convert)天妖ノ舞 and alternate conversion
 The Carnivorous Carnival

カニカニ (kanikani)The Carnivorous Carnival

蟹蟹 (kanikani; lit. crab-crab)Conversion of カニカニ

蟹 (kani; lit. crab)Abbreviation of 蟹蟹

 Evidence of Evil

エビエビ (ebiebi)Evidence of Evil

蝦蝦 (ebiebi; lit. prawn-prawn)Conversion of エビエビ

海老 (ebi; lit. prawn)Abbreviation of 蝦蝦 and alternate conversion
 Taiko Time (タイコタイム)

タイタイ (taitai)タイタイ

鯛鯛 (taitai; lit. sea bream-sea bream)Conversion of タイタイ

鯛 (tai; lit. sea bream)Abbreviation of 鯛鯛

切るな (kiruna; lit. not to cut)Meaning translation

裏切るな (ura kiruna; lit. not to cut inside)譜面 (Ura notechart) + 切るな
 Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)

ゼロノク (zero-noc)零の夜想曲 → ゼロノクターン
 Zero no Rhapsody (零の狂詩曲)

ゼロラプ (zero-rhap)零の狂詩曲 → ゼロラプソディ
 Haya Saitama 2000 (はやさいたま2000)

はやさい (haya-sai)はやさいたま2000

葉野菜 (ha-yasai; lit. leafy vegetables)Conversion of はやさい

はさま (hasama)いた2000

狭間 (hasama; lit. crowded)Conversion of はさま
 Kita Saitama 2000 (きたさいたま2000)

きたさい (kita-sai)きたさいたま2000

きさま (kisama)いた2000

貴様 (kisama; lit. you (honorific))Conversion of きさま
 Tenjiku 2000 (てんぢく2000)

天竺 (tenjiku; lit. Tianzhu)Conversion of てんぢく
 Mata Saitama 2000 (またさいたま2000)

またさい (mata-sai)またさいたま2000

まさま (masama)いた2000

駅弁 (ekiben; lit. railway mealbox)EkiBEN2000 → エキベン and conversion
 Joubutsu 2000 (万戈イム-一ノ十)

成仏 (joubutsu; lit. enter Nirvana)Assemble 万戈イム-一ノ十

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  1. Ryougen is often referred to 玄米 (gen-mai) as well
    Hell,there's a fairly large list of common song nicknames over in wikihouse