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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Across Japan: January Facebook Tournament

As with the rest of the Taiko Team crew, the Asian ver. Facebook page is also back and running! The first news of the year is the songs for January's Monthly Facebook Tournament: the AJURIKA duo Evidence of evil Oni (10★) and The Carnivorous Carnival Muzukashii (7★).

As it should have been obvious, Evidence of evil is already opened to Asian ver. players on January 1. And for the purposes of this tournament, The Carnivorous Carnival will be available free of unlocking (which is Full Combo-ing Taiko Time Ura Oni or any diff of Densetsu no Matsuri with Detarame on by the way) during the January 10~18 competing times.

Here's the January schedule again:
  • Song candidates Announcement: January 7 (this!)
  • Tourney Commences: January 10~18
  • Results Announcement: January 21

And while we're at it, let's also check out the February schedule, which is pushed a bit later into the month than before:
  • Song candidates Announcement: February 11
  • Tourney Commences: February 14~22
  • Results Announcement: February 25
By the way, the Team is thinking of songs along the theme of the Chinese New Year. If you have suggestions, you know where to put them! (hint: not here)

And don't you worry about last year-end's Donder Festival in Asia tournament: The results will be in soon. Stay tuned!

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