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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (25 December 2014) - Old Year's Last Stream and New Year's Donchare Goods

First of all, merry Christmas! Etou has found this festive day appropriate for 2014's last blog entry, packing it with tons of both old and new updates on Taiko games whereabouts, in order to get geared towards the new year.

As anticipated in the title, the Taiko Team leader Kohei Etou (江藤浩平) is hungry for some more livestream action, and so he's appearing in a popular, gaming-related Nicovideo streaming special in order to spread some of the Taiko joy towards a brighter 2015!

Said stream is a Nicovideo traditional series that roughly goes by the name of "New Year's Eve Special Game-By-Game Play Final Quest!" (年末ゲーム実況特番 大晦日ファイナルクエスト!), featuring many different guest characters tacking the ending year's most memorable videogaming experiences in Japan. Alongside returning entries (Puzzle & Dragons; Dragon Quest X) and actual 2014 games (Destiny; Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS), the Taiko no Tatsujin brand will have roughly an hour of time in this run right after the stream's beginning.

It's not all fun and games though, as the Taiko players in the stream will be able to try out new songs, both exclusive to the event and coming from future public arcade updates! You can access the stream from December 31st, 11 am (Japan time) by using this link.

And now, how about some Don Challenge talk? We already know its content from December's livestream, but remembering once more won't hurt: January 2015's unlockable song is t+pazolite's Shiny Kung-fu Revival, while the Kigurumi 2-part outfit is the Geisha (芸者), with the head gear awarded after a play next month and the body part as a January-exclusive Rewards Shop item.
The blog entry ends with an obligatory reminder for the Taiko Team's December/January vacation period; as their Twitter account will be inactive from this Saturday, it will return operative on January 5th, while the regular blog entry schedule will restart on January 8th.

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This is the end from the Taiko Team, but not for the fun of this jolly day! Keep your eyes wide open and you might see something else from us today...

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