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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tenkaichi Otogesai: What Really Happened At The Shop Preliminary

Some of you might have been wondering what the Tenkaichi Otogesai Shop Preliminary actually went. So before we set into the phase completely, let's recap on the proceedings of Sunday's match, referencing the official rules and regulations. (Details are skimped over for the other games)

The main competing methods are similar to most other tournaments: The highest scorer on the designated song wins and enters the Block Finals. But if scores tie at first place, the match proceed to the playoffs and the tying competitors plays a second designated song to resolve the tie. If still tied then they continue onto the third and the fourth. In the very, very off chance that there is still a tie after all these, the match has to end with a rock-paper-scissors.

The randomly-designated song for Taiko is Got more raves?, and the playoff songs are, in order, Garakuta Doll Play, FLOWER and Kita Saitama 2000 (KitaSai is fixed as 4th). All are using the Regular Oni, even when all three new songs have 10★ Ura Oni but only 9★ Regular Oni. This is even more peculiar when you consider all other games have their candidate notecharts at the maximum difficulty level possible (maimai's 12 and GC/jubeat's 10).

In other details, Banapassport cards (or its equivalents) are required in the matches. Only the house bachis are to be used, and no other things (like coverings) must be done to the drums. Shin-uchi scoring is of course required, as with previous IRL Taiko tourneys.

An interesting point of note for Groove Coaster competitors: If a competitor has to enter the final playoff but does not have a NESiCA card with Got more raves? unlocked, s/he would be automatically declared defeat. That is despite the NESiCA is not required in previous phases.

Tenkaichi Otogesai main site

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