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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taiko Wii U2 Update Post

Are we gonna go for it? Choo-choo goes the hype train for Wii U2!

Last update: Nov 20 | No of updates: 26 | No. of songs: 106/100Wii U2 Song List
Key: Red = series debut; Blue = console debut

26. More difficulty changes!
  • Jigoku no Daiou Oni down to 9* from 10* (new set 4/6/7/9)
  • Future Lab Oni down to 8* from 9* (new set 3/5/7/8)
25. We also forgot to report the video for Taiko Tokumori's theme song, Morimori☆Tokumori Rhythm♪ (600 notes on Oni). NOW we are positively sure there aren't any other new songs and/or videos to talk about on launch day!

24. Apparently we missed Mirai e no Kagi. Now we don't. 103+3/100

23. With the Oni video -muted for copyright issues- of Sekai no Owari's Honoo to Mori no Carnival (352 notes), we have finished to cover all the brand-new songs brought by this console Taiko game. The songlist page will be updated soon with all the unlockable tunes, with the addition to the related Unlock page for all the content.

22. Video collection blast! HQ recordings are blooming for almost all the new leftover songs on this game, including the freshly-released Day 1 DLC content. Enjoy!
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman (1/1/3/7), the second song from Frozen that is also available as free DLC for Taiko 3DS 2 users (don't forget today's songpack release as well!). 247 notes and lots of cluster trickery!
  • HERO -Main Theme- (3/4/6/8), the new Variety song for the game. 445 notes on Oni!
  • Monster Hunter 4G Medley (?/?/?/9), the latest Medley entry for Capcom's beast-slaying franchise. Being the highest-rated Oni mode among the medleys, it's also one of the most filled with notes, counting 758.
  • Chouren~Obsession~ (?/?/?/7), the only new launch Namco Original of the game and also the 8th entry for the Kikyoku song series. 445 notes
  • Ura Oni mode of Chouren~Obsession~. Rated 8*, different scrolling speeds and trick tempo-alterated clusters spice up the difficulty ratio a little bit. 553 notes.
21. From the Youtube user who uploaded the Sunset Runaway video, here's a 5-minute clip that shows each and every song unlockable through the Mekadon Gacha machines. Watch out though, as not every roll will necessarily result in a song unlock!

20. First HQ video of the Oni mode of Sunset Runaway, Taiko Tokumori's new Game Music track from Critical Velocity. 610 notes.

19. Turkish March Ura Oni video on Youtube for the Youku-ularly impaired. 832 notes!

18. A video on Youku (think it one of China's YouTube equivalents) of the 9★ Turkish March Ura. Streams galore of lengths once only native to Sotsu Omeshiki and Dokadoka, now on a 9★, but the patterns are not complex and are very true to the piano. (Personally I think it might have a 2P because of the awkward nothingness in the middle but hey no game in hand to prove. -tetsu)

17. More on Sunset Runaway, with the help of this shot from Guraloid Room: the source game is Critical Velocity (I wonder when we last heard this name). No free sample is available (flags of DMCA, not gonna risk it for now) but it is being sold on the iTunes as part of the game's OST (Track 1).


16. First Oni video of Labrador Retriever, the latest AKB48 song on Taiko games. 426 notes.

15. From the same Youtube user we also get the first video of Go Go Kitchen's Ura Oni mode. And for those who are curious of the spelling change for the song on this blog, here's why: now the song features its lyrics for the first time in a home console Taiko game! As the revealed lyrics feature actions and items more kitchen-related, Go Go Kitchen will be the name we're going for, instead of Go Go Kicchin.

Anyway, 940 notes for this Hakuchou no Mizuumi-like Ura Oni challenge. Watch out for those speed-ups!

14. Early bird copies of the game are spreading faster and faster! Another pre-release user has posted a video on Youtube about the starting songlist of the game, revealing great part of the rating changes in effect for both old and new songs (highlighted in bold):

  • Honoo to Mori no Carnival is rated 3/4/6/7
  • Labrador Retriever is rated 3/4/5/7
  • HERO is rated 3/4/6/8
  • March of the Toy Soldiers has Futsuu/Muzukashii modes downgraded (new set 3/2/4/8)
  • Holdiridia has Futsuu/Oni modes downgraded (new set 3/3/5/7)
  • Thunder and Lightning Polka has its Futsuu mode downgraded (new set 4/4/7/8)
  • Babel no Tou has Futsuu/Muzukashii modes upgraded (new set 4/6/6/8)
  • Tower of Druaga Medley has Kantan/Oni modes downgraded (new set 4/6/7/8)
  • Morimori☆Tokumori Rhythm♪ is rated 3/5/6/8

13. Lightning round of Ura news from Baidu Tieba! Ordered by the surprise factor.
  • Senbonzakura Ura
  • Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari Ura
  • Ridge Racer Ura
  • Taiko Time Ura
  • Rotter Tarmination Ura
  • dance storm Ura
  • Rumble Ranbu Ura
  • Mori no Kuma-san Ura
  • Tsukikage SASURAI Ura
  • Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Remix~ Ura
  • Chouren ~Obsession~ Ura (8★)
  • Go Go Kitchen Ura (10★)
  • Turkish March Ura (9★)
12. Before we go into the list, here's how Uras are unlocked in this game, according to Baidu Tieba: After you run out all the unlockable songs from the gasha, Mekadon will replenish the Songs machine with Ura notecharts, now costing 7 coins per roll.

11. Let's close with the Regular songs before we step into the Ura notecharts. Baidu Tieba gives us Kaze no Kuni no Ryu to Kishi, Sotsu Omeshiki and Donkama 2000, bringing the song count over 100. 102/100

10. The 100-songs mark draws closer and closer, with another trio of songs being reported on Baidu TiebaThe Magician's DreamTakara no Oka and Tsundere Cafe e Youkoso☆, finally closing the circle of the Codename Katsu-Don CreoFuga songs for this home console game. 99/100

9. Closing in on the 100 mark, Baidu Tieba reports junction and Shojo no Kami no Ryushi and Uso-uso Doki96/100

8. Round 3 from Baidu Tieba93/100
  • Kimi no Planet
  • Jikuuchou Jikuuichika
  • Mata Saitama 2000
  • Oozora to Taiko no Odori
  • Bakemono Tsukiyo
  • Summer Dragon ~Karyu~
7. Another round from Baidu Tieba! 86/100
  • Toccata and Fugue and Rock
  • Marble Heart
  • Reviver
  • Karui Zawameki
  • Uchuu SAMURAI
  • Aisowarai
  • Yumeiro Coaster
6. The furagetter from the last Baidu Tieba post continues to report the following. 79/100
  • Go Go Kitchen
  • D's Adventure Note
  • Oranda Nadeshiko/Carnation
  • Shiro Neko Caramel Mugen no Wataame
  • Dokadoka
  • Kurukuru Kurokkuru
  • Houou Tenbu Mugen Kuzure
5. Location change! A Baidu Tieba post confirms Dokidoki Munekyun Omatsuri Time, Future Lab, Jigoku no Daiou and Yozakura Braiders with pictures. 72/100

4. From the same Plurk we also know that Namco Original Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro is coming back as an unlockable song. 68/100 (+16 unnamed)

3. Still the same Plurk. Woolala further testifies by text that Densetsu no Matsuri, Calculator, Hurtling Boys, DEBSTEP!!, KitaSaitama 2000 and Joubutsu 2000 among others are all unlockable, after a run of 25 rolls in the Songs gasha. 67/100 (+17 unnamed)

2. Same Plurk. From the gasha you might get this new song named Chouren~Obsession~ (蝶戀~Obsession~), possibly a new installment of the Kikyoku series? Notecount 445 on Oni. 61/100


1. We start from Woolala's furage Plurk. A shot of the results screen for a new Game Music named Sunset Runaway is available. Notecount is 610 on Oni. 60/100

0. Starting with the 59/100 songs currently listed at the Wii U2 official site.

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