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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First videos of the Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals songs

When a rhythm game collaboration of such deep impact affects the gaming world, the elements of nature itself can't help but gloriously rise with energy for the hype, resulting into being personified in four brand new tunes being crossed-over around the influenced franchises!

Today we finally have a taste of the freshly-released, brand-new songs for the Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals.

Starting on familiar territory, we have Masubuchi Yuuji's Ignis Danse (4/7/8/10), representing the element of fire. Its modes on Taiko definitely love to lure the player into high speed gameplay with mainly 1/12 note patterns! 818 notes on Oni.

For the water element, the popular Hiro from Sega brings us VERTeX (5/7/8/10), offering a more aggressive take on the 10-star Oni challenge aspect. Watch out for the dense note sections and multiple scrolling changes on your way through the end of this song! 808 notes.

Composed by Zuntata member COSIO, FUJIN Rumble (5/6/8/10) is inspired by the wind, and is yet another song with insanely high BPM values. Sudden cluster changes and dense cluster sections are still a problem here, but keep an eye to the subtle tempo changes towards the end as well... 751 notes for its Oni mode.

The balance of the elements can't be restored without the presence of earth's force, and so here's Scars of FAUNA (4/5/7/9) from Nekomata Master, a treasured composer among Bemani players for his immense range of songs. Even if on Taiko its Oni mode doesn't reach the 10th rating star, its fierce patterns towards the Go-Go Time section can catch off-guard inexperienced players quite easily if not handled correctly! The Oni mode checks in with 780 notes.

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