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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Taiko Wii U 2 Stamp Album

The stamp achievement system from the previous Taiko Wii U videogame is also being implemented in the sequel, with another hundred of optional goals to reach. However, since all of the game's unlockable content is awarded through the Mekadon Gacha machines, the achievements in the Stamp Album now award variable amount of Don Kobal (ドン小判), the in-game currency being used to get each prize in said in-game gachas.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Song of the Week! 29 November 2014

Let's head back to the long-time restricted Children/Folk genre with today's feature, starring the tune with the highest BPM values ever peaked for its category.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Taiko Plus - Introducing the 10 Million Memorial Pack

The 10 Million Download celebration for the Apple-friendly Taiko game is coming to a close, but it's going to end with a bang, for sure! Today marks the release day of the 10 Million Memorial Pack (1000万記念ぱっく), bringing to the table 5 of the most popular Namco Original tunes in recent memory, in addition to the most voted song for the celebration.

Here are the songs being featured in the pack:
  • Suuhaa 2000
  • Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5
  • Wasure na Gusa
  • Zeihen ~transformation~
  • SORA-I Earth Rise
  • Xa
Both Zeihen and the poll-winner Xa come with their Ura modes, bringing once again two modern 10* Oni challenges in a single pack from the get-go.

Here's to 10 million more downloads, folks!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (27 November 2014): Kimidori's Fluffy December Holiday!

Bumper crop news week from Taiko Team ends today, this time announcing the monthly Donchare and costumes for December 2014!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taiko Wii U 2 first week sales

Media Create figures for the week ending November 23rd, 2014.

01./00. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon Co.) {2014.11.21} (¥4.937) - 1.327.671 / NEW
02./00. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Dual Pack (Pokemon Co.) {2014.11.21} (¥9.874) - 90.497 / NEW
03./00. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires # (Koei Tecmo) {2014.11.20} (¥6.264) - 38.123 / NEW
04./00. [PS4] Assassin's Creed: Unity # (Ubisoft) {2014.11.20} (¥9.072) - 36.400 / NEW
05./04. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate # (Capcom) {2014.10.11} (¥6.264) - 28.728 / 2.173.073 (-27%)
06./02. [PS3] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2015 (Konami) {2014.11.13} (¥8.208) - 20.612 / 91.915 (-71%)
07./10. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level 5) {2014.07.10} (¥4.937) - 17.834 / 2.881.810 (-15%)
08./11. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo) {2014.09.13} (¥5.616) - 16.846 / 1.737.035 (-10%)
09./01. [PS3] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Subtitled Edition (Square Enix) {2014.11.13} (¥8.424) - 15.425 / 95.011 (-81%)
10./07. [WIU] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo) {2014.11.13} (¥3.996) - 13.817 / 41.843 (-51%)
11./00. [WIU] Taiko no Tatsujin: Tokumori! # (Bandai Namco Games) {2014.11.20} (¥5.627) - 11.769 / NEW 
12./00. [PS4] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires # (Koei Tecmo) {2014.11.20} (¥7.344) - 11.725 / NEW
13./00. [3DS] Sumikko Gurashi: Koko ga Ochitsukundesu (Nippon Columbia) {2014.11.20} (¥5.184) - 11.656 / NEW
14./03. [PS4] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Subtitled Edition (Square Enix) {2014.11.13} (¥8.424) - 9.400 / 73.459 (-85%)
15./12. [WIU] Mario Kart 8 # (Nintendo) {2014.05.29} (¥6.156) - 8.752 / 721.884 (-35%)
16./05. [3DS] One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X (Bandai Namco Games) {2014.11.13} (¥6.145) - 8.045 / 43.143 (-77%)
17./08. [PS4] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2015 (Konami) {2014.11.13} (¥8.208) - 6.859 / 33.543 (-74%)
18./06. [PS3] Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (Sega) {2014.11.13} (¥7.538) - 5.798 / 40.469 (-83%)
19./00. [PSV] Senjou no Waltz # (Idea Factory) {2014.11.20} (¥6.264) - 5.738 / NEW
20./09. [PSV] Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (Sega) {2014.11.13} (¥6.663) - 5.692 / 31.299 (-78%)

The negative record streak for home console Taiko games continues with the latest addition to the Wii U library, which -despite netting an higher starting place that its predecessor- manages to move nearly 8000 less copies in the same launch window span of Taiko Wii U Version. Barring the latest titles for the Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and Dynasty Warriors, it's being outsold mainly by other Nintendo titles, with the Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire remakes taking the lead with over 3 million copies of combined sales to date.

Please note that, as always, the chart lists only boxed purchases, barring the sales of retail digital downloads (such as Nintendo eShop downloads) just like for Taiko 3DS 2's launch sales.

Launch week comparison:

Taiko Wii U 2: 11769 (4 days)
Taiko 3DS 2: 53095 (4 days)
Taiko Wii U: 19265 (4 days)
Taiko Wii 5: 115955 (4 days)
Taiko 3DS: 65462 (4 days)
Taiko Wii 4: 32098 (5 days)
Taiko PSP DX: 80215 (5 days)
Taiko Wii 3: 29328 (4 days)
Taiko DS 3: 70000 (3 days)
Taiko Wii 2: 28282 (3 days)
Taiko DS 2: 55950 (4 days)

Average daily sales on launch week:

Taiko Wii U 2: 3942/day
Taiko 3DS 2: 13273/day
Taiko Wii U: 4814/day
Taiko Wii 5: 28989/day
Taiko 3DS: 16366/day
Taiko Wii 4: 6420/day
Taiko PSP DX: 16043/day
Taiko Wii 3: 7332/day
Taiko DS 3: 23333/day
Taiko Wii 2: 9427/day
Taiko DS 2: 13988/day


However, there's no time for all the doom and gloom around sales numbers! Now that our updating schedules are more on check, we are able to complete the other sub-pages for Taiko Wii U 2's songlist (mainly with the game's unlocks and Stamp Album voices) in the next few days. Keep your eyes wide open!

Donkama 2000 Nominated for Internet Popular Phrases Award 2014


Now here's something you probably never see coming: "Donkama 2000" (the title) made it to Getnews.jp's annual internet popular phrase award. Among the 50 nominated phrases for the year 2014 stands our little sofuran-happy new boss.

Other nominations you might recognize includes entries from Frozen ("Let It Go" and "Ari no Mama de"), Yokai Watch ("Yokai no Sei" from Yokai Taisou Daiichi) and the Youtube community ("YouTuber", beatboxer "HIKAKIN", Let's-player "Max Murai") as well as the more IRL issues like "Ebola", "Dengue Fever" and "Bitcoin".

Voting has begun today and will close at November 30 11:00, or as soon as 30,000 votes are registered.

Source @ Getnews.jp

First videos of the Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals songs

When a rhythm game collaboration of such deep impact affects the gaming world, the elements of nature itself can't help but gloriously rise with energy for the hype, resulting into being personified in four brand new tunes being crossed-over around the influenced franchises!

Today we finally have a taste of the freshly-released, brand-new songs for the Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals.

Namco Taiko Blog (November 26 2014) - Year-end de New Version (7.xx)

On the second day of three-consecutive-days-of-Namco-Taiko-Blog Etou brings to me, the new Kimidori update~♪ Come and see what year-end goodies the December 9 update to Ver. 7.xx brings you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tenkaichi Otogesai: What Really Happened At The Shop Preliminary

Some of you might have been wondering what the Tenkaichi Otogesai Shop Preliminary actually went. So before we set into the phase completely, let's recap on the proceedings of Sunday's match, referencing the official rules and regulations. (Details are skimped over for the other games)

Namco Taiko Blog (25 November 2014) - Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals Songs


As you can see from the title, this surely isn't no surprise to us, isn't it?

We already covered the four new songs yesterday, so let's jump quickly to some of the more obscure details: on Taiko, the three songs from external rhythm games (Scars of FAUNA, FUJIN Rumble and VERTeX) will be grouped in the Game Music section, while Yuuji Masubutchi's Ignis Danse will be put in the Namco Original genre, making it his latest NO tune on Taiko after villain Dr.Waruru's theme song, back on Taiko Wii 2 days!

Look forward to video footage of these songs tomorrow, together with another out-of-schedule Taiko Team blog entry about the incoming new arcade software upgrade!

Link to original post

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tenkaichi Otogesai: Block Finals Songs Announced

It was the Shop Preliminary for the Tenkaichi Otogesai tourney just yesterday, and today we are already going onto info about the Block Finals!

The jackets about are for the newly-composed songs exclusively for the tournament: Ignis Danse by Yuuji Masubuchi, FUJIN Rumble by COSIO, VERTeX by Hiro and Scars of FAUNA by Naoyuki 'Nekomata Master (猫叉Master)' Sato. The songs are to be added November 26, or just this Wednesday, to registered AOU stores. Hey now isn't the person on Ignis Danse jacket familiar?

Thematically, this phase of the collaboration/tournament has the four games assigned with one of the classical elements:
  • Taiko is Fire which is featured majorly in some Japanese festivals (matsuri)
  • Groove Coaster is Wind because you fly a jet coaster
  • maimai is Water as the "washing machine" deserves (lol)
  • jubeat is Earth... just because

While the Taiko Team are busy attending the Autumn Reitaisai, there is no news from them just yet. For now check the AOU Games Day/Tenkaichi Otogesai site for the artist bio and comments.

Tenkaichi Otogesai official site:
Ignis Danse / FUJIN Rumble / VERTeX / Scars of FAUNA

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Song of the Week! 22 November 2014

Hmm...what to feature for today....*thinks* I feel like doing a Namco Original today. Maybe something hard? Here goes then.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai: King of Touhou Contest (Taiko round) Winners and more!

Reitaisai is next Monday (public holiday in Japan)! A quick post about the upcoming event appearance of Taiko!

First the announcement of the winning songs of the King of Touhou contest (Taiko round) is just out. Congratulations to the following composers/circles and looking forward to see you in game with the charts!

Reitaisai Prize (例大祭賞)
  •  ムーンダスト 東方Projectアレンジ GET IN THE RING
    Moondust Touhou Project Arrange; GET IN THE RING
Touhou Taiko Prize (東方太鼓賞)
  •  花月夜 東方Projectアレンジ Yonder Voice
    Hanatsukiyo Touhou Project Arrange; Yonder Voice
  •  Cheerful Flyer 東方Projectアレンジ 十六神数 Touhou Project Arrange; Juuroku Shinsuu
These songs will be added as limited playable tunes only in the Reitaisai period, so catch them while you can! Meanwhile, the cabinet can now show what status a song has (Limited/First-hand).
In general event organization, here's what the Taiko area will feature: the trial cabinets, a section to vote for the Namco Sounds x Touhou Arrangement event (and get the limited coaster), a corner to only get the Marisa outfit without playing (not sure why won't you play though), and a photo spot.
The photo spot is, of course, for you to take photos with Taiko and Touhou elements. As an added bonus, tweet your photos with the designated hashtags and show to the staff, and you stand a chance to get a limited clear file. So that's two physical things to take home!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Extra Snowman gift!

Today's the release day of Taiko no Tatsujin: Tokumori for Wii U, and with it the free DLC song 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?' is made available for both Tokumori and its 3DS little brother.

The song isn't all you're getting for free though, what Namco never mentioned was that it also comes with two costume pieces, a Snowman (ゆきだるま) headpiece and a Snow Dress (ゆきのドレス) body! That means if you decide to download everything released for Taiko 3DS2 today, you're essentially getting seven songs, one Ura chart and two costume pieces for 540 yen (tax inclusive)!

Now that's value for money!

Also interesting to note, the costume description for the Snow Dress is 'すこしさむくないたドン!' (The cold never bothered me anyway ta-don!). Man. All these Frozen references, haha.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Across Japan: November Tourney Results and Work Those Sticks


Assuming you would have no time to care anything other than Wii U2 release, let's make it quick. November's Facebook Tournament has Sesan from Korea taking the cake in the Oni department with the only Full Combo in the list. The Taiko Team has gone in the numbers and found that this expert player has attempted no less than 100 times during the tourney period. A round of applause for the determination and the results! Muzukashii department saw Guruguru from Taiwan securing top rank. Is it just me (and the Team) or are a lot of players pick Detarame on the course this time?

Quickly we move on to next month's schedule:
  • Song candidate announcement: December 3
  • Tournament period: December 6~14
  • Results announcement: December 17
No relation to the Tourney, but Asian Donders can celebrate Japan's Labor Thanksgiving Day with fellow Japanese Donders on November 23, with Hataraku 2000 also unlocking for that day and that day only.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Descent of the Last Boss! Taiko no Tatsujin Collaborates with Sachiko Kobayashi

Taiko no Tatsujin is collaborating with singer Sachiko Kobayashi (小林幸子)! Other than being an enka singer with decades of experience, since recently she even embraced the new culture and got quite active of NicoNico Douga, performing covers of famous Vocaloid songs and more.

Relatedly, the song of the collaboration is Sachi Sachi ni Shite Ageru ♪ (さちさちにしてあげる♪), from her mini-album of the same name released just this August in Summer Comiket (86th). If the song title reminds you of anything, you'd probably be right because it is a cover of the Vocaloid classic Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru ♪ (which is also on Taiko) with different lyrics and style. Check out the official PV on Nicovideo!

The song will hit arcade, console and smartphone Taiko no Tatsujin games at different times starting from Spring 2015. Kobayashi will also appear in-game as dancer, even changing her outfit in the middle, true to her "Last Boss" nickname. The outfit design to be used will be openly decided via a contest later.

太鼓の達人 どんとかつの時空大冒険
The "outfit" is just a quick placeholder here, but that is approximately how it would look.

Namco's original press release

Taiko Wii U2 Update Post

Are we gonna go for it? Choo-choo goes the hype train for Wii U2!

Last update: Nov 20 | No of updates: 26 | No. of songs: 106/100Wii U2 Song List

First Video: Tokyo Soda 8Bit Edit

Hmm, no other place is comfortable about releasing their Wii U2 furage. Are we to hold back too? For now we stick to legitimate releases, like the first video of the new Namco Original Tokyo Soda 8Bit Edit (東京ソーダ 8Bit Edit).

At a moderately high BPM, Tokyo Soda 8Bit Edit is a 8★ features some long and complex streams, not unlike Mahou no Kissaten or G Ishiki Kajou in terms of technical fitnesse. And is it a trend to include very far ending notes? If you have seen a previous livestream, that ending katsu-katsu was included in the preview MV, and made quite a commotion in the comments.

The video also shows the new Cabinet Ranking system in action, including the ranking plates and ranking update. The ranking update reuses a sound effect from the Wii (U) games! The player must've been very early to play, securing quick 1st and 2nd places.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Taiko Wii U2: On Denjin Gacha! and Intro-don

Nope, no furage yet. But here is some related footage. Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori recently made it to the game/anime news and variety show Denjin Gacha. Taiko Team's Daifuku visits as a special guest and walks everyone through while the hosts tries to stumble through play some of the game's many features.

This show is special because it showcases a more complete picture of the new game mode of Intro-don (イントロどん). The part begins at around 19:50 and they played a total of six questions. Can you get the answers quicker than the hosts (who mostly failed in a time-up anyway lol)?

Here is a rundown of the mode: For each question, the roulette runs and chooses one player who is responsible to choose a genre (J-POP, Anime+Variety, Vocaloid and so on) to focus on. Then 10 seconds of the intro is played. Press the button/hit the drum to stop the playback and go to the song list when you think you know the answer. Points goes to you if you are correct. The longer you took to listen the less points it is worth.

There are also different chance events throwing in randomly to makes thing unexpected. The Chorus Chance (さびメロチャンス) gives you the chorus preview instead (like in the regular song select). In the Drumroll Chance (連打チャンス) you have to clear bowlful of foods with drumroll to attempt an answer, instead of just one hit.

Did this more complete look of Intro-don pique your interest? Stay tuned for more Wii U2 news!

Taiko Plus: Legend Pack 2 and Linkage Update

Before the furage for the new console Taiko comes in (any minute now), here's some Taiko Plus news!

Just in today is a new song pack Legend Pack 2 (レジェンドぱっく2), featuring older but still renowned music, much like the first Legend Pack.

  •  Shanghai Honey (上海ハニー)
  •  LOVE 2000
  •  Morainaki (もらい泣き)
  •  Chijou no Hoshi (地上の星) (Oni rating change: 6★ → 7★)

Also note the following recent line-up changes for the Taiko Plus/RPG Linkage collab. Some new songs are added for exchange, while older songs have been dropped after their pre-stated periods end.

 Tentai Kansoku (天体観測)Added November 3
 Hayabusa (隼)Added November 3
 TRAIN-TRAINDropped November 2
 Kaze no Fantasy (風のファンタジー)Dropped November 2
 Sobakasu (そばかす)Dropped November 16
 La Campanella (ラ・カンパネラ)Dropped November 16

Site announcement: 'Others' section overhaul!

As the Taiko games lore isn't all about the core gameplay, songs and arcade/console releases alone, we have the 'Others' section of our blog for all the Taiko-related content and trivia that can't be fit in any of our regular features and news coverage, but is still worthy of a quick method to reach the related pages.

Since it's been quite a long of time since our last major revision of the Others section and all the related pages, we are now looking forward to tinker around it for the remainder of the year, both with semi-immediate changes/updates/fixes and long-term expansion plans. Expect to see this scheme going in motion from the next month!

Here's a skinny of our next update/improvement plans:
  • Semi-Regular Updates for the Archive-related Features - Special Dancers, Collaborations and SongID features will now be updated once every six months, starting from the next one; this means that these sections will receive regular updates on June and December each year, rather than sporadic addings throughout the year. We'll report every update on the subject matter through our (highly out-dated) Changelog, each time they will occur.
  • Artists/Vocalists Pages Update - each of the composers and vocalists featured in our Behind the Drums posts will be updated soon in their song production repertoire, now aiming to mention all the songs being created by the artists in other rhythm games, or generally external games where music plays a huge role (like Idolm@ster). After the listing of all the Taiko songs, the external music games tunes will appear, grouped both by game franchise and software house behind said franchises, always starting from Bandai Namco. Long versions will be also highlighted in a more effective way!
  • Deathstream 101/Notechart Analysis - these two popular features handled by our aquabluu/pikaby will be hosted in the Others page, as a useful starting point to tackle some of Taiko games' hardest notechart gimmicks. This also means that notechart requests are also welcome for this feature! However, like for Ura songs in the Song of the Week corner, don't expect to see more than a new Notechart Analysis per month, at least for now.
That's all for now! We hope that we'll be able to bring these improvements (and maybe something more!) as soon as possible. Take care!

The Dust Settled! Tatsh Music Circle Battle of the Retweets Conclusion

The one-week Twitter Battle between Xa and Yuugen no Ran for a place in Tatsh Music Circle's Winter Comiket CD concluded earlier at Sunday midnight. The results? Yuugen no Ran won by one retweet and will see you on December 30 at the FuyuComi Tatsh Music Circle booth, together with 6 other pieces of music.

That doesn't mean Xa will never leave the cabinet space ever. It is still possible that it jumps on another new CD some time next year, and Tatsh and co. will sure be considering such possibility.

We are going to call it here on the coverage of this CD. But if you are interested for more Tatsh Music Circle news, like the new goods they are also releasing, do check out the Tatsh Blog and related places.

Link to original post

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Song of the Week! 15 November 2014

The next big Taiko console game's release date is approaching fast, and with that the speculation around the unlockable songs. On Wii/Wii U games, however, a pattern seems to be detected in recent titles: one of the final song unlocks is a brand new Game Music track which acts as the game's new boss-song (or semi-boss) for the genre.

The reason I'm talking about this curious habit is that today we're having a look at the most recent 'Last-GM New Boss' tracks!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Taiko 3DS2: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

...mostly in shops that sells Taiko 3DS2. A new poster design promoting the handheld release will start to appear in game stores from early November (actual period varies by store), coming with a new QR code that grants the Santa Claus outfit. Not only does the outfit injects festive spirits into your drumming experience, but in Space-time Adventure Mode the outfit makes battle enemies drop items more frequently, like the jolly red man eh? (nope)

And another bunch of QR code has been put up on the 3DS2 official site, after their respective campaigns coming to a close, including Gurt! and more. Check them out now!

Also remember that the also wintry tune Do You Want To Build A Snowman is less than one week away, as well as 3DS2's fifth DLC song/quest pack and the next console release of Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori! (Wii U2), all on November 20!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (13 November 2014) - December 12 Livestream!

Hey guys! Let's get to the meat of the blog post straight: Livestream on December 12!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Across Japan: Kimidori Asia gets 3 new songs

Another mid-month update for Taiko Kimidori (Asia)!

Three new songs will be added to it on November 13th, 2014 (this coming Thursday), which echoes last month's Japanese update that added the same songs. They are:

Game Music
  • Picopico Mappy (ピコピコ マッピー)
Namco Original
  • Picopico Ruin (ピコピコ ルイン)
  • Yureru Pleats Jikkouiin (ゆれるプリーツ実行委員)
All of Prof. Sakamoto's crossover songs made it in! And we were worried after his Vocaloid song failed to make it into Asia last month...not sure why.

Click the link above to watch some play videos  and steel yourself for Picopico Ruin's difficult 10* Ura Oni!

Original Facebook Post

Namco Taiko Blog (11 November 2014) - Version 6.12! Kimidori Update

As anticipated by the Taiko Team in the last stream, the next mini-updated is approaching fast, adding a couple of tweaks to the latest Taiko arcade firmware system. Now we have more content to share on the subject matter, thanks to a sudden new entry in the official blog!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Twitter Snippets (November 10 2014) - Battle of the Retweets! Tatsh Music Circle's New CD

Winter Comiket 2014 is coming (no Game of Thrones gag here), and participating circles are preparing their exhibits. Tatsh Music Circle, in particular, is thinking of taking one of the newer Tatsh creations for Taiko no Tatsujin, but which one? That's where you come in!
Xa and Yuugen no Ran are having an all-out Twitter battle! From now until November 16 (midnight JPT), the victor is determined by retweets: The more retweeted one triumphs and gets on the new CD! It is not sure if quotes counts as retweets also in Twitter's inside workings, so to be completely sure at least do one normal retweet!

Check out the Tatsh Blog posts for further information! The battling tweets are linked there and also embedded here after the "read more" break.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Song of the Week! 8 November 2014

In today's double song feature, we'll have a look at a couple of old-styled Namco Original songs about drawing. Make sure your pencils are sharpened enough!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Twitter Snippets (November 7 2014) - Ranking Dojo Data, Kimidori ver.

Today Takemoto steps in for Etou and brings us Ranking Dojo data! Check out the pie chart showing the maximum ranks players can clear, and the bar chart of the fail/pass/gold proportions in the tweet above! Tatsujin, as tough as ever, just saw its third clear not too long ago, and still zero gold clears.

Also notable is that while 4-dan was the main "mid-boss" obstacle in the Momoiro Dojo, this incarnation see multiple intermediate ranks as tough for challengers (like 1-kyu and 2-dan, sandwiching a quite well performed Shodan). Let's hope the new Taiko School functionality gives good advice to overcome them!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shinkyoku Tori Houdai x Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary: What Is Taiko Getting?


We continue with our previous scope from a Puyo livestream, and bring you the Taiko side of the deals of the Taiko no Tatsujin x Puyo Puyo collaboration!

The battle theme Minna de Taisen! Asa Made Puyo Puyo is once again made playable in Shinkyoku Tori Houdai, featuring a slightly different Puyo-drum look and Puyo characters cheering you on at the back.

You can also get different Puyo goods from the game's lucky draw area, which includes a large Green Puyo engulfing Don-chan, Puyo Puyo themes and smartphone wallpaper featuring Don-chan and Amitie.

Collab pickup page

Namco Taiko Blog (6 November 2014) - October '14 Livestream Recap

Collegamento permanente dell'immagine integrata

As you might already know, we aren't the only ones who like to write blog entries about the Taiko Team's stream session content! If you have missed our coverage of the previous one, here's another abridged version in today's entry. But first, have some image freebies!

~Twitter Icon Image~

~Smartphone Wallpaper Image~

Aside from these images, there's nothing more from what we already reported with our recap, really. The only new thing is that the recently-announced Tokyo Soda by Hige DriVAN will have a slightly different title on Taiko games: Tokyo Soda 8bit Edit (東京ソーダ 8bit Edit). The composer is also being quoted in-game as the song's subtitle, in the same fashion of independent Namco Original composers in recent memory.

Link to original post