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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Taiko Wii U 2's latest website update

As the game's launch day is drawing closer and closer, the related website page has been updated once again! Here's a short synopsis for what's new this time.

Aside from extra section about returning features such as the multiplayer mode, scoring system and the Stamp Album, this time around we'll have another form of unlockables for the game in the form of Miiverse stamps, achievable through the aforementioned Stamp Album objectives. Add some Taiko love on your Miiverse posts with these stamps!


Regarding Taiko games' most anticipated feature, the song list got updated with all the songs that have been revealed during this year's TGS event, minus the DLC collaboration song with Monster Hunter.

Lastly, we have more custom dancers to talk about! Aside from Miku and the two Yuru-gyara mascots, another trio of custom dancers have been revealed for the game: Doraemon, GUMI and IA, for the first time in a console game! The two Vocaloid ladies will have custom outfits for Don-Chan and pals as well, like Miku before them.


That wraps up this website update talk. See you soon!

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