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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (2 October 2014): Livestream recap and Taiko Dojo/School Talk

Livestream recap? But we already did that! Read our super-detailed, picture-laden summary here! As for the Twitter icon and smartphone wallpaper that were supposed to be given out as gifts for the comments challenge, they're right here.

Twitter Icon Image

Smartphone Wallpaper Image

An extra thing announced with the Comments Challenge prizes is the revival of the Nostalgia Title Parts Gacha, available next week on Saturday and Sunday only.

But what's truly the core of today's blog entry is the first written explanation of the Taiko Cram  School (太鼓塾), the new Dojo Ranking-related feature which got added in yesterday's update. When Banapassport players finish a play in the Dojo Ranking mode, the Taiko School mode is unlocked for subsequent plays with a selection of suggested songs/modes for the player according to his previous play: if failed, the songs displayed will help train the player to pass it. while if cleared, the songs suggested are for gearing up for the course above it.

All the suggested songs by the Taiko Cram School for training can also be displayed by the players on their Donder Hiroba page, in a brand-new section dedicated to the Taiko Cram School. Alongside the suggested songs, Ms. Cat and Mr. Ladle will give some tips for clearing the current Taiko Cram School songs.

The Taiko Team is also asking for suggestions about this new feature and the recommended songs, to make the feature even more enjoyable for everyone!

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