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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack Out Now!

While we are waiting for tomorrow's blog entry (and the next Taiko Team stream the day after), I find quite relevant to advise that the first physical-release Groove Coaster 2-disc soundtrack album is now available for purchase. Now I know what you're thinking- why shouting the news here?

Well, turns out that this song compilation from Taito's latest rhythm game has also some Taiko-related tracks being involved! With many blessings from composers Masubutchi Yuuji and Hiro (from Sega), the first disc of this soundtrack will be the first one to include all of the Game Music Triangle collaboration songs being released earlier this year on Taiko, GC and Maimai, including both the three 'GMT remixes' and the three 'GMT mashups'.

With that said, I'm out for today. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Taiko Team blog entry!

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