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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori (Asia) Launch Notice

A new post was made today on the official Taiko no Tatsujin Asia's Facebook page, describing what will happen during the transition between Momoiro Asia to Kimidori Asia. This is similar to the blog post made for JP Kimidori, except on Facebook instead of there.

The transition is slightly different from the JP counterpart because of the missing features in the Asian version.
  • There will be a server maintenance tonight (read: right now) to move all player data to be compatible with Kimidori.
  • All clear and full combo data from Momoiro will be maintained.
  • Don Points from Momoiro are not reset, and carry over into Kimidori.
  • Don Point rewards from Kimidori are added on to after the end of Momoiro's rewards chain (meaning players who have not gotten MAX Don Points on Momoiro yet continue to accumulate and obtain Momoiro's rewards until they finish at Sotsu Omeshiki, then go on to unlock Kimidori's rewards)
After 8am Japan time tomorrow, any sign in to Kimidori Version will render the card inoperable on Momoiro Version. However, as long as you have not used the card on Kimidori yet, you can still play on Momoiro until you upgrade.

As expected, when the upgrade is actually carried out depends on the local operator's purchase and the time it takes to ship the firmware installation CDs to their respective countries.

The major difference between the JP and ASI transitions into Kimidori is the Don Point system; since Momoiro's rewards are not being taken down, it means there will still be no Donder Hiroba or Rewards Shop for the Asian region yet, which is disappointing (and players who have not yet completed Momoiro's unlocks will have an even longer grindfest awaiting them). However it also presents the possibility of Momoiro's Rewards Shop songs being added into Kimidori's unlocks, which I believe many players would appreciate as they would not have access to those songs otherwise (things like Toccata and Fugue and Rock, Kimi no Akari, Yumeiro Coaster, Stage 0. ac11 and others).

There will (hopefully) be a big update post tomorrow covering both the Japanese update of Kimidori today (which added a whole slew of new songs), and the songlist of Asian Kimidori. Stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride tomorrow!

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  1. Oh god why I am not even at Alexander. Poor old me wants some Gashadokuro :(