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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First videos of Kimidori Version 1.05's new songs

Finally, we are at today's main event! All the early video footage about today's newly-added songs is inside this post. Enjoy!

Let's start with the new Anime songs, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (3/4/3/7) and Yokai Taisou Daichi (2/3/5/7; Papa Mama support on Kantan). Both the songs offer a similar challenge ratio, but custom dancers are granted for the latter only, being a song from the Yokai Watch anime.

The next one if Bugi Bugi Funassyi (3/5/6/8; Papa Mama Support on Kantan), the newest song for Funabashi prefecture's yuru-kyara. It's another 8* Oni, but this time the difficulty is more balanced throughout the song in spite of Funa Funa Funassyi's devilish 1/6 long clusters!

For the J-Pop genre, we have Gomenasai no Kissing You (4/5/6/7) and Love Song wa Tomaranai Yo (3/4/3/6), two songs with both an averagely-slow BPM with familiar notechart gimmicks for the 6-7 star ballpark.

ZOLA PROJECT makes its return on Taiko with the song BORDERLESS (4/6/5/8), featuring plain 1/16 clusters and even some scrolling changes on Oni mode. Watch out!

Last but not least, here's the first Oni video for G Ishiki Kajou (5/6/7/9), Kaneko Chiharu's newest Namco Original song and also the hardest one among this song lot. The pressing speed of this song will be the players's worst enemy, topping at 200 BPM no less!

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