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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (July 17 2014) - Livestream Recap and 4th Outfit Contest

Good morning guys! Having fun with Kimidori? Today we look at the livestream goals results and the written announcement of the 4th Outfit Contest.

Our own recap is still underway. Stay tuned!

First of all, the livestream had gathered a total of 137,446 comments from 157,962 watchers. Looks like someone didn't comment, eh? Never mind that now, because that means all the goals have been achieved!

Here's a more detailed breakdown:

  • 10,000 comments: Free Twitter icon. Download from the original post!
  • 20,000 comments: 500 free Shopping Points. Every Donder registered to the Donder Hiroba by July 21 gets the points (later). Make your move now!
  • 30,000 comments: Free title part. The part is Etoile (エトイレ), and again every Donder Hiroba member registered by July 21 gets it.
  • 50,000 comments: Free smartphone wallpaper. Download from the original post!
  • 76,500 comments: Etou visits Huis Ten Bosch in Tatsudon T-shirt!? The trip now being arranged with Daifuku, stay tuned for further news!
  • 87,600 comments: Namco Original New Song Think Tank. Happened in the second part of the stream. The results are 「和風ホラー Japanese Horror」「太鼓応援歌 Taiko Support Song」「明るいインスト Bright Instrumental」「アナタモシンセ You Are Synthe Too (Boku wa Synthe follow-up?)」「エトウ'sキッチンテーマ曲 Etou's Kitchen Theme Song」
  • 100,000 comments: Revival of the classics. All three songs will be revived on Kimidori with the promised schedule: Burning Force Medley from July 18~27, Surfside Satie from July 25~August 3, Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5 from August 1~10

And now as mentioned briefly in the stream, the 4th Oufit Contest will open from July 17 00:00 (already!) to July 24 23:59. (Weekend submission are also OK, but note that there won't be replies.)

To submit, simply tweet your idea to the @taiko_team Twitter Feed. Remember to note the MyDon's name (can be your nickname) and his design details (outfit itemzs, color schemes etc.). You don't even have to give a picture, as long as you can describe it well enough. Each person is limied to one submission, so make sure that's your best idea!

A note is that entries with promotional outfits are accepted, but will not appear in the winners' wallpaper due to trademark concerns. These includes Music GunGun, both Tamagotchi, Dragon Quest, all Vocaloids, Ciao and CoroCoro Comics magazines, Golden Bomber, Aikatsu, PazuDora (Z), Momoiro Clover Z, Yokai Watch, Mario Bros., Kumamon and Touhou.

That's about it, so come up with your best Don-chan idea and submit it! If you do not know how to put it, the original post links to the results of the past three contests, as well as a boilerplate text submission for reference. Good luck!

Link to original post

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