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Friday, July 4, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (4 July 2014): Taiko Momoiro Game Version 18.03

First and foremost, happy 4th of July to our readers from the United States!

With that said, the main content of today's blog entry from Namco is a wrap-up of everything related to Momoiro, in preparation for the transition to Kimidori.

Game Version 18.03 will be up for the Japanese region on July 9th, and the following changes take effect:
  • Preparation for large firmware update
  • Retirement of Dojo Ranking
  • High scores no longer viewable in song select screen
So what will be new in Kimidori? The livestream on July 15th, 8pm Japan time will reveal some answers.

Each player will also get a special title corresponding to the highest rank they attained in Momoiro, e.g. if someone cleared 7-dan and can go no higher, they will get the 'Momoiro 7 Dan' (モモイロ7段) title. To be eligible for the title, register your JP Banapassport on Donder Hiroba before 2pm Japan time, July 16th.

High scores will be back as soon as Kimidori goes live, so not to worry!

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