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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taiko Tori Houdai, Taiko Plus - Collaboration with Tales of Asteria!

Tamagotchi on the latest Taiko 3DS videogame is not the only collaboration even to look forward in these days! Another one just started today, featuring Japanese pop/rock band Do As Infinity and one of Bandai Namco's games from the "Tales of" series!

A shard from the world of the very recent Tales of Asteria is being shared for portable Android and iOS Taiko games, as the theme song believe in you is being featured in both Tori Houdai and Taiko Plus!

While the song is free for the Android games (though if the subscription to either docomo or au service providers is required to play!), on Taiko Plus it's part of the brand new Do As Infinity song pack, the first one in a while featuring songs from a single J-Pop singer/band.

Expect an update for the game's songlist on this blog soon!

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