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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (12 June 2014): June 6th Stream Recap and Rewards

We did a (somewhat) comprehensive recap of the events that happened in the June 6th Nicovideo stream, together with a list of the rewards, and Taiko Team just reiterates it in today's blog entry.

Here's the promised Twitter icon, using Don-chan's new Snail costume for June 2014.

And here's the smartphone wallpaper, featuring the long-awaited Taiko Tournament 2013.

Then, a recap of the interviews with the remaining finalists of the tournament was shown, with these players:
  • Ezomori (えぞもり) from Tohoku Area B
  • Bii (びー) from Hokkaido
  • Nayuku (なゆく) from Saitama
  • Soro (そろ) from Chiba
  • Marshal of the Demon King Allied Forces (大魔王連合軍元帥) from Tokyo Area B (and the award for best name goes to...)
  • Rinne (りんね) from Toukai Area A
  • Yukihiro? (ゆきひろ?) from Toukai Area B
  • Himenyan (ひめにゃん) from Kansai Area A
  • Kuroino! (くろいの!) from Kansai Area B (many Youtube videos of this guy. He's always the fully-black Don-chan)
  • Yosuka (よすが) from Kyushu Area B
  • Mikyuno (ミキュロ) from Okinawa
As promised, the new Namco Original song made by Zeami, Yuugen no Ran (幽玄ノ乱), will be distributed to all Banapass holders attending the tournament live, and is hoped that it will spread throughout Japan via the shared-play mechanic previously done with Joubutsu 2000.

The livestream for the tournament finals will be on June 14th, 2014, 1pm Japan time, using Nicovideo. No more typhoons to delay the tournament any further, fingers crossed!

Here's the link to the stream. Don't miss it!

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