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Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Video of Yuugen no Ran

...not really, because the first ever video would have been Yosuga's exhibition play on stage yesterday.

Now being July 15, those who were at the finals can now play the very long-awaited Yuugen no Ran themselves on Momoiro ver.! And duly out are capture videos of the chart, below being one of them (not played).

At a total of 1262 notes, Yuugen no Ran stands as the second most note-filled Oni chart, just under Shimedore 2000. The total notecounts in all four charts (3334), though, beat Shimedore's 3291.

At peak, a 95-note long 16th stream in 300BPM stands in your way. Not as dense as Ryougen no Mai's 24th in 208BPM, but the length would easily prove very draining. Also in average you will have to be churning an overall 10.50 hit per second to be passing this, towering over previous leaders like Ura Rotter Tarmination and Ura Yawaraka Sensha.


  1. I thought the previous leader in term of hit per second was Black Rose Apostle ura?

    1. Note the word 'in average'; the record considers the overall note density of the entire song, for example 800 notes spread out over 2 minutes is denser than 600 notes over the same length of time.

      Black Rose was 4th before Yuugen, and is now 5th behind Shoushitsu Ura and the aforementioned RT Ura and Sensha Ura