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Monday, June 16, 2014

3DS2 Official Site Updates Again! Cameo Characters, Story Mode and New Songs

Only ten days are left before the release date, yet its official website gets updated once again. Aside from the updated TV Commercial video above, there's more to be known!

First of all, one returning feature in Taiko games is back: custom dancers for selected songs! This time around, the Variety genre gets some love for two previously-unknown songs for the game: Kumamon dancers for Kumamoto Surprise! (the same ones as in the Wii U version of the song) and another Japanese prefecture mascot theme song, for the first time on Taiko games: Fu Na Fu Na Funassyi! (ふな ふな ふなっしー♪), starring the eponymous, unofficial mascot from the Japanese prefecture of Funabashi.

This cuddly pear character will also play a bigger role for the 3DS game's Story Mode, as it can be recruited as a party member and used to progress further in the game. What an useful companion! The Space-Time Great Adventure mode will also feature other characters from other custom songs in the game, such as Jibanyan from the Yo-Kai Watch anime and a couple of Felyne from Monster Hunter 4. All of these are also featured in the video above!

The other songs in the game that have custom dancers are Geragerabo no Uta and ONLY MY NOTE, with Idolm@ster characters. As usual, clearing the songs with custom dancers (as well as Monster Hunter 4 Medley) will award new outfits for Don-Chan as well!

The website's Story Mode corner was also updated with more informations about the game's battles: while playing the song, the characters that are ready to launch an attack will glow, waiting for their occasion to deal damage. If the player's characters on the party glow, hitting correctly the next note will make them able to attack, while the enemies attack the party if the player either misses a note or gets a 'Great', as soon as they're glowing. Much like the previous Taiko game's Story Mode, bombs notes will appear to deal even more damage to the party and group special attacks can be triggered after a while.

Last but not least, the songlist page gets updated with three new entries: alongside the two already-mentioned songs for the Variety genre, the Namco Original one will get another brand new tune, under the name of Sacred Ruin (セイクリッド ルイン). This tune was already briefly mentioned during the last Taiko Team live stream session as the next song of Tatsuya Shimitsu (and possibly the first one where the composer will be credited under the 'Tatsh' alias on Taiko). If you want to hear a short extract of the song, you can hear s a brief Youtube recording of the reveal below.

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