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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pro-wrestling Goes Taiko! Taiko Momoiro at Wrestling World 2014 in Taiwan

Aside from the imminent event juggernauts of NicoNico Super Conference 3 and Hakurei Shrine Reitaisei, Taiko no Tatsujin Momoiro ver. made a two-day event appearance at the pro-wrestling tournament Wrestling World 2014 in Taiwan. Notably, this is the first ever event appearance of the new HD Taiko arcade that is outside of Japan!

The cabinet was set up in a tent right outside National Taiwan University Sports Centre, the venue of the tournament, among other souvenir tents. The cabinet was open for public play from 15:00 onwards on both days. According to Plurk users who were there, the cabinet is set on 1-song freeplay mode, with no server connection.

Even the wrestlers caught on the Taiko train! From 17:00 onwards on both days, competing wrestlers appeared and played with fans and other wrestlers. For a detailed rundown of the wrestlers' plays (even down to the individual scores), do check out the reports on the New Japan Pro-wrestling homepage, as linked below.

Scope for April 12
Scope for April 13

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