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Monday, March 17, 2014

NicoNico Super Conference 3 livestream: an abridged version

The actual stream is a few hours long but luckily for us, the section on the Game Music Triangle collaboration is the very first item on the agenda, so we can skip the rest of the fluff and focus on it! Comments from Nicovideo are deliberately turned on to set the mood; apologies if the view is slightly obstructed.

Just like last year, the Super Game Area is where you can try out the games on exhibition and there are stage presentations. Stuff like indie games, smartphone games, rhythm games, even Dragon Quest X 2nd Version will turn up at the event! It's way more....super than last year!

First thing that gets shown is a big schedule board with events hidden behind stickers. There are two stages this year, a Super Fire Stage and a Super Thunder Stage (spelt in katakana that exactly corresponds to the Japanese names of the two legendary Pokemon Zapdos and Moltres...meanwhile Articuno sits in a corner).

Players will be able to play the three games Taiko no Tatsujin, Maimai GreeN PLUS and Groove Coaster during the conference from 10am until the event ends! The stage show will be at the Super Fire Stage, April 26th from 11am to 12am. Expect more details of the collab there!

3 mystery people will be present at the stage show, one of them being Sampling Masters AYA. Will Etou be there this year...?

After chatting about the event for a while, the camera pans out to reveal all three rhythm games side by side! The hosts and AYA take turns playing on each of them, with some shots I took below:

Not much else was revealed at the stream, but an update from tetsu at this time of writing notes that both the Maimai blog and Groove Coaster's website have reported that the collaboration is in multiple stages, and the first stage involves 3 songs being passed around all three rhythm games. The songs will be available to play mid-April!

The Taiko Team will most likely update tomorrow or Thursday regarding the Game Music Triangle, so stay tuned for more possible news!

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