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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (20 March 2014) - Taiko Plus's Ura mode galore!

Since the last Namco Original-based song pack, Ura modes have been introduced to Apple devices's Taiko no Tatsujin game of choice. But the famous extra layer of difficulty won't be an exclusive of the Awesome Chart pack, according to today's blog entry...

Right from today, two songs from Taiko Plus's eldest song packs to date will receive the Ura mode patterns that they made them famous on arcades throughout the years: Cruel Angel's Thesis (from Popular Song Pack 1) and Mori no Kuma-San (from Children's Pack 1), being available for the first time ever outside the arcade rooms in an official Taiko game! Your Taiko Plus version has to be updated at least to Version 2.1.0 and upper in order to enjoy these Ura modes.

As for the other songs on Taiko Plus which have gained Ura mode charts among the years, the Taiko Team assures that will be gradually added in the future, always reporting the news on the game's website page.

After reminding the readers about the very recent Popular Song Pack 15's release and the list of songs which are currently exclusive to Taiko Plus and can't be found nowhere else, this blog entry end with a tasty announcement: the next song pack for this game will be yet another Namco Original-based pack. Will more Ura modes be featured next time?

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