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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taiko Wii U Stamp Album

Much like the first Taiko 3DS videogame, Taiko Wii U's content is unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions, which are listed in the game's Stamp Album. Once the condition is met, a stamp is awarded for the completition, followed by an in-game prize. Unlike the 3DS game, this system doesn't affect the Taiko Rank system, which is still linked to the game's Taiko Dojo. 

Below is the list of stamps, with their names (when available) and conditions to be met in order to get it:

1. 1-Time Performance (演奏回数1回)Play 1 time in Play modeNew song: Radetzky March (ラデツキー行進曲)
2. 3-Times Performance (演奏回数3回)Play 3 times in Play modeNew song: Tatakae! T3 Booei Tai~GDI mix~ (戦え!T3防衛隊 ~GDI mix~)
3. 5-Times Performance (演奏回数5回)Play 5 times in Play modeCostume: Ninja (ニンジャ )
4. 10-Times Performance (演奏回数10回)Play 10 times in Play modeNew song: Koi no Shohousen (恋の処方箋)
5. 20-Times Performance (演奏回数20回)Play 20 times in Play modeNew song: Usagi no Shippo (うさぎのしっぽ)
6. 30-Times Performance (演奏回数30回)Play 30 times in Play modeCostume: Bunny Ears (うさみみ)
7. 40-Times Performance (演奏回数40回)Play 40 times in Play modeNew song: Ne~e Oshiete (ねぇ教えて)
8. 50-Times Performance (演奏回数50回)Play 50 times in Play modeNew song: Robot Rock'n'Roll☆ (ロボットロケンロー☆ )
9. 60-Times Performance (演奏回数60回)Play 60 times in Play modeCostume: Turtle (カメ)
10. 70-Times Performance (演奏回数70回)Play 70 times in Play modeNew song: Theme of Alexander (アレキサンダーのテーマ)
11. 80-Times Performance (演奏回数80回)Play 80 times in Play modeNew song: Electric Postman (エレクトリック・ポストマン)
12. 90-Times Performance (演奏回数90回)Play 90 times in Play modeCostume: Swordfish (カジキマグロ)
13. 100-Times Performance (演奏回数100回)Play 100 times in Play modeNew song: Purple Rose Fusion
14. 200-Times Performance (演奏回数200回)Play 200 times in Play modeNew song: Pastel Sealane
15. 5-Times Kantan Play (かんたん曲プレイ5回)Play 5 songs on KantanGame modifier: Baizoku
16. 10-Times Kantan Play (かんたん曲プレイ10回)Play 10 songs on KantanGame modifier: Sanbai
17. 5-Times Futsuu Play (ふつう曲プレイ5回)Play 5 songs on FutsuuGame modifier: Abekobe
18. 10-Times Futsuu Play (ふつう曲プレイ10回)Play 10 songs on FutsuuGame modifier: Yonbai
19. 5-Times Muzukashii Play (むずかしい曲プレイ5回)Play 5 songs on MuzukashiiGame modifier: Kimagure
20. 10-Times Muzukashii Play (むずかしい曲プレイ10回)Play 10 songs on MuzukashiiGame modifier: Doron
21. 5-Times Oni Play (おに曲プレイ5回)Play 5 songs on OniGame modifier: Detarame
22. 10-Times Oni Play (おに曲プレイ10回)Play 10 songs on OniGame modifier: Kanpeki
23. Taiko Counter 1000 (太鼓カウンター1000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 1000New song: Growing Up
24. Taiko Counter 2000 (太鼓カウンター2000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 2000New song: Boku wa Shinse (ボクハシンセ)
25. Taiko Counter 3000 (太鼓カウンター3000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 3000Costume: Kaminari-Sama (かみなりさま)
26. Taiko Counter 4000 (太鼓カウンター4000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 4000New song: Houjou Yayoi (豊穣弥生)
27. Taiko Counter 5000 (太鼓カウンター5000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 5000New song: Kuon no Yoru (久遠の夜)
28. Taiko Counter 6000 (太鼓カウンター6000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 6000Costume: Sumo Wrestler (おすもうさん)
29. Taiko Counter 7000 (太鼓カウンター7000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 7000New song: Phoenix
30. Taiko Counter 8000 (太鼓カウンター8000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 8000New song: Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare (リスドンヴァルナの黄昏)
31. Taiko Counter 9000 (太鼓カウンター9000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 9000Costume: Soldier (兵士)
32. Taiko Counter 10000 (太鼓カウンター10000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 10000New song: Etude Op.10-4 (練習曲Op.10-4)
33. Taiko Counter 20000 (太鼓カウンター20000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 20000New song: Ao no Senritsu (蒼の旋律)
34. Taiko Counter 30000 (太鼓カウンター30000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 30000Costume: Lucky Cat (まねきねこ)
35. Taiko Counter 40000 (太鼓カウンター40000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 40000New song: 3piece-JazzParty!
36. Taiko Counter 50000 (太鼓カウンター50000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 50000New song: Cycle of Rebirth (サイクル・オブ・リバース)
37. Taiko Counter 60000 (太鼓カウンター60000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 60000Costume: Cinderella (シンデレラ)
38. Taiko Counter 70000 (太鼓カウンター70000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 70000New song: SORA-VI Hinotori (SORA-VI 火ノ鳥)
39. Taiko Counter 76500 (太鼓カウンター76500発)Get Taiko hit counter to 76500New song: Saitama 2000 (さいたま2000)
40. Taiko Counter 80000 (太鼓カウンター80000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 80000Costume: Princess Girl (姫ギャル)
41. Taiko Counter 87600 (太鼓カウンター87600発)Get Taiko hit counter to 87600New song: X-DAY 2000
42. Taiko Counter 90000 (太鼓カウンター90000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 90000New song: Soroban 2000 (十露盤2000)
43. Taiko Counter 100000 (太鼓カウンター100000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 100000Costume: Guardian (ガーディアン)
44. Taiko Counter 200000 (太鼓カウンター200000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 200000New song Senbonzakura (千本桜)
45. Taiko Counter 300000 (太鼓カウンター300000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 300000New song Kimi no Akari (きみのあかり)
46. Taiko Counter 400000 (太鼓カウンター400000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 400000Costume: Wedding Dress (ウエディングドレス)
47. Taiko Counter 500000 (太鼓カウンター500000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 500000New song Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)
48. Taiko Counter 600000 (太鼓カウンター600000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 600000New song Etude Op.10-4 (練習曲Op.10-4)
49. Taiko Counter 700000 (太鼓カウンター700000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 700000Costume: Gorgeous Taiko (豪華な太鼓)
50. Taiko Counter 750000 (太鼓カウンター750000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 750000New song Haryu (春竜 ~Haryu~)
51. Taiko Counter 765765 (太鼓カウンター765765発)Get Taiko hit counter to 765765New song Nightmare Survivor (ナイトメア・サバイバー)
52. Taiko Counter 800000 (太鼓カウンター876000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 800000New song Ao no Senritsu (蒼の旋律)
53. Taiko Counter 850000 (太鼓カウンター850000発)Get Taiko hit counter to 850000New song Shokou ~Dawn~ (曙光 ~Dawn~)
54. Taiko Counter 876876 (太鼓カウンター876876発)Get Taiko hit counter to 876876New song Diamond Happy (ダイヤモンドハッピー)
55. Taiko Counter 999999 (太鼓カウンター999999発)Get Taiko hit counter to 999999New song Jinpuumaru (迅風丸)
56. 5-Times J-Pop Play (J-POP演奏回数5回)Play J-Pop songs 5 timesCostume: Heavy Metal (ヘビメタ)
57. 10-Times J-Pop Play (J-POP演奏回数10回)Play J-Pop songs 10 timesCostume: Omen-koso (お面小僧)
58. 5-Times Anime Play (アニメ演奏回数5回)Play Anime songs 5 timesCostume: Stand (屋台)
59. 10-Times Anime Play (アニメ演奏回数10回)Play Anime songs 10 timesCostume: Zipper (ジッパー)
60. 5-Times Variety Play (バラエティ演奏回数5回)Play Variety songs 5 timesCostume: Tetsuo Ride (テツオライド)
61. 10-Times Variety Play (バラエティ演奏回数10回)Play Variety songs 10 timesCostume: Jewel (宝石)
62. 5-Times Vocaloid Play (ボーカロイド演奏回数5回)Play Vocaloid songs 5 timesCostume:Headphone (ヘッドホン)
63. 10-Times Vocaloid Play (ボーカロイド演奏回数10回)Play Vocaloid songs 10 timesCostume: Priestess (巫女)
64. 5-Times Classic Play (クラシック演奏回数5回)Play Classic songs 5 timesCostume: Drill (ドリル)
65. 10-Times Classic Play (クラシック演奏回数10回)Play Classic songs 10 timesCostume: Navy (水兵)
66. 5-Times Game Music Play (ゲームミュージック演奏回数5回)Play Game Music songs 5 timesCostume: Rocket (ロケット)
67. 10-Times Game Music Play (ゲームミュージック演奏回数10回)Play Game Music songs 10 timesCostume: Kendo (剣道)
68. 5-Times Namco Original Play (ナムコオリジナル演奏回数5回)Play Namco Original songs 5 timesCostume: U-Chan (う~ちゃん )
69. 10-Times Namco Original Play (ナムコオリジナル演奏回数10回)Play Namco Original songs 10 timesCostume: Crown (王冠)
70. 50-Combo (コンボ50)Reach 50 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeNew song: Yuujou Pop (友情ぽっぷ)
71. 100-Combo (コンボ100)Reach 100 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeTaiko sound: Tambourine (タンバリン)
72. 300-Combo (コンボ300)Reach 300 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeFrame: Jungle (ジャングル)
73. 500-Combo (コンボ500)Reach 500 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeTaiko sound: Fireworks (はなび)
74. 765-Combo (コンボ765)Reach 765 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeFrame: Spring Bloom (春らんまん)
75. 876-Combo (コンボ876)Reach 876 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeTaiko sound: Abacus (そろばん)
76. 999-Combo (コンボ999)Reach 999 hits or more on Combo counter in Play modeTaiko sound: Gorgeous Taiko (豪華な太鼓)
77. 70-Songs Play! (70曲プレイ!)Play with 70 different songs in Play modeFrame: Don-chan Fantasy (どんちゃんファンタジー)
78. Baizoku Full Combo (ばいそくフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Baizoku modifier turned onTaiko sound: Xevious (ゼビウス)
79. Sanbai Full Combo (さんばいフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Sanbai modifier turned onTaiko sound: Quiz (クイズ)
80. Yonbai Full Combo (よんばいフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Yonbai modifier turned onTaiko sound: Cash Register (レジ)
81. Kimagure Full Combo (きまぐれフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Kimagure modifier turned onTaiko sound: Druaga (ドルアーガ)
82. Detarame Full Combo (でたらめフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Detarame modifier turned onTaiko sound: 8-bit Taiko (8bit太鼓)
83. Doron Full Combo (ドロンフルコンボ)Full Combo a song in Play mode with Doron modifier turned onTaiko sound: Bongo (ボンゴ)
84. HyakKA Ryouran (百可繚乱)Clear a song with all 'Good' (可) hits and no misses (False Full Combo (ひねくれフルコンボ))Costume: Devil (デビル)
85. Great Big Catch! (大良大漁)Clear a song with all 'Great' (良) hits and no misses (Donder-full Combo)Costume: Gold Wing (ゴールドウィング)
86. Go Go Gogogo! (ゴーゴーゴゴゴー!)Play songs in Play mode for 5 days in a rowTaiko sound: Carbonated Beverages (ダイナマイト)
87. Garyoutensei-lacking (画竜点睛を欠く)Normal Clear a song with one 'Miss' (不可)Taiko sound: Chinese (中華)
88. Drumroll Drumroll Drumroll! (れんだれんだれんだー!)Drumroll a total of 300 times or more overallFrame: Candy (お菓子)
89. Three Times The Charm (二度あることは三度ある)Play a song three times in a row on the same difficulty in Play modeTaiko sound: Daisuki (だいすき)
90. Impermanence of Wordly Things (諸行無常)Beat the high-score of a song three times on the same difficulty in Play modeTaiko sound: Dog Cat (いぬねこ)
91. All's Well That Ends Well (終わり良ければすべて良し)Reach the Normal Clear quota at the last note of a song in Play modeTaiko sound: Kung-Fu (カンフー)
92. Don't Forget the Beginners (初心忘るべからず)Clear Pastel Sealane on KantanFrame: Wanted! (ウォンテッド!)
93. Bolt from the Blue (青天の霹靂)Fail a song after getting more than 200 crowns in Play modeTaiko sound: Drum (つづみ)
94. Once-in-a-lifetime Chance (一期一会)Play with guest players 3 timesFrame: Live Venue (ライブ会場)
95. Fashon Leader (ファッションリーダー)Play 10 times with an outfit in Play modeCostume: Goth Loli Maid (ゴスロリメイド)
96. Failure is the Essence of Success (失敗は成功のもと)Fail a song three times in a row on the same difficultyTaiko sound: Goodbye (別れ話)
97. Master of Sounds (音色の達人)Play 10 times with a different Taiko sound in Play modeTaiko sound: Wii U (うぃーゆー)
98. Lucky Star☆ (ラッキースター☆)Get exactly 777 combo on any songTaiko sound: Shout (かけごえ)
99. Adversity (逆境)Full Combo a song in Play mode with three modifiers turned on (Autoplay excluded)Taiko sound: Naughty (おいろけ)
100. All Stamps Get! (全スタンプ獲得!)Earn all the previous stampsFrame: Atsumare☆Taiko no Tatsujin! (あつまれ☆太鼓の達人!)

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