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Friday, October 11, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (10 October 2013): Want to Hear More? Notecharters #3

Kuboken from the first part of the interview opens up the expose by proudly announcing that his new and very first 10* Oni chart is now complete! Which of the finalist charts belong to him?

Anyway, another two notecharter ninjas take the stage: Nocchi (のっち) and Sasaoka (ササオカ)

Nocchi first, a brand new face in the Taiko Team who just joined last year!

Joined Taiko Team: 2012 (during Taiko no tatsujin Wii: Chogoukaban)
Number of charts made: 8
Skill level: Clears 8* Oni on drumsticks

Notechart specialty-Handles Oni 5* to 7*
-Makes simple notecharts, not many tricky sections
-Thinks of people who love the song and puts matching notes

Sample notecharts created
CANDY CANDY: Very first notechart made, and with the slow pace of the song, easily put 3 note clusters in the chart for practice.

I★my★me★mine: Fun and bouncy to play, putting large notes to punctuate the many rhythm points of the vocals.

Totsugeki Rock (突撃ロック): Made a simple, easy chart to follow the rhythm made by the background drums. Ending part is fun too.

Senbonzakura (千本桜): This was difficult for Nocchi to make being the newbie, and received lots of advice from seniors to tackle this chart. The trick was not to overload it with notes since the song was quite long. The bridge is particularly hard and is the main part preventing players from FCing.

The Ura chart? Nope, that was handled by a different person, but just as thrilling to play!

DoReMiFa Sorairo (ドレミファソライロ): All big notes for the portion announcing the title! Very few 1/16 note clusters, even in its Oni chart

Fashion Monster (ファッションモンスター): Another easy and clean chart with aptly placed balloon notes.

VAMOLA! Kyoryuger (VAMOLA!キョウリュウジャー): Solid and strong-sounding music, with loads of drumrolls. Chorus projects a carnival sort of image. Makes your heart want to dance, even!

Enmei Chiryou (延命治療): The beat in this song is complex and quite difficult to find suitable patterns for. The beginning of the chart is quite technical. Has everyone mastered it? Nocchi hasn't yet, it's quite confusing even to himself!

And that's all eight charts he's made. Good luck on the team, Nocchi!


And next we have Sasaoka. From the newest member of the team, we move to the oldest; Sasaoka has been around since the very first arcade!

Joined Taiko Team: 2002 (during Taiko arcade 1, almost 13 years now)
Number of charts made: Around 20
Skill level: Hanging around 5* Oni

Notechart specialty-Handles entry point charts to Futsuu, Muzukashii and Oni
-Practices his own charts to make sure they're playable for rookies
-Loves matsuri style drum rhythm
-Places lots of gaps in his charts

Sample notecharts created
Mappy Ondo (マッピー音頭): Yup, like he mentioned about the matsuri rhythm, this is a standard example. Loads of 3 note clusters in the middle too.

HOTEL PACIFIC: Both A and B melody give off a very vacation-like feel, with a relaxed chart to match. Play with a partner for the full effect!

Koi o Shichaimashita! (恋をしちゃいました!): Very easy notechart that matches your hand movements, no handswitch whatsoever. Dancing to it while playing is the best feeling ever.

Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り): 13 years on, the patterns set here still never gets old. Perfectly balanced charts on all difficulties, fun to play on solo and 2 player.

Tanko Bushi (炭坑節): Standard matsuri fare again, a popular tune among the festivals. Sasaoka tried to recreate the Taiko parts of the song too.

Gatchaman (ガッチャマン): Easy first half with note cluster rush at the end.

Lovely-X (ラブリーX): The three forked paths (the original ones) were stepping up from Futsuu to Muzukashii to Oni, a very sharp change among them. The song is like taking a trip in your own imagination.

Kita Sakeba (北酒場): Loads of feeling put into the intro part of the song.

Electrical Parade (エレクトリカルパレード): Much like Lovely-X, the hook are repetitive patterns which keep on looping for different blocks of the song, making it good practice. The last handswitch stream is great.

Hello! Don-chan (ハローどんちゃん): At the time, the kkd k cluster was considered high difficulty and used in abundance here for practice.

Marionette: Spent a lot of time deciding on the notes in melody A, while melody B is slightly tougher with tricky rhythm.

UNITE!: A fast song with a focus on stamina, no tricks in the chart. Sasaoka still can't FC this one. (yep)

Ai o Torimodose! (愛をとりもどせ!!): The chorus is full of burning energy. Keeping up with the notes and maintaining the Master route isn't easy though. Naturally, singing along with the notes makes it more fun.

Kiyoshi no Zundoko Bushi (きよしのズンドコ節): Another popular festival song, with quite a complex rhythm in the chorus.

traveling: Easygoing and relaxed, but beware the backbeats in the chorus!

Shima Uta (島唄): Middling difficulty, but with a really slow scroll, you might want to use the x2 speed modifier on this. Again with repeating loops of note patterns.

Genghis Khan (ジンギスカン): Hit song from the 80's, and it still makes you want to dance now. It contains Sasaoka's typical patterns, and no breaks in the song.

Lum no Love Song (ラムのラブソング): High speed, stamina-draining chart, with the only respite being in the chorus of the song.

Rokkou Oroshi (六甲おろし): Very Japanese feel to it and easy to port into Taiko. It's a cheering group (ouendan) song, with a rhythm that's relatively easy to follow.

Thriller (スリラー): An M.J favorite in Taiko! Slow and steady BPM with tricky notes everywhere. Sasaoka's playing skill is at this level currently.

Polyrhythm (ポリリズム): Great technopop song to work with, and loads of repeating patterns put in, with emphasis on the polyrhythm part at the back. It almost sucks you in...

Bad Apple!! feat. nomico: A chart made for the NicoNico Conference. The emphasis was put on the calm part and the contrast it gives right before the busy, dense ending portion. Quite a polished chart, like Lovely-X.

And that's another two down. Stay tuned for more!

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