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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First videos of Karamari no Hana and Calculator

The title says it all; we now have HQ capture vids of the final two CreoFUGA songs, both of which will be joining Hurtling boys as 10* gauntlets to be used in the tournament finals!

The video above is Karamari no Hana, the second Vocaloid song in the winner's circle. The chart is frantic with lots of confusing 2 and 4 note clusters and mixed 1/16 1/24 streams, very much like Nightmare Survivor Ura before it. It has 774 total notes.

And here we have Calculator! On first sight the confusing clusters used seem similar to those used in Karamari no Hana, but slightly faster. However, Calculator takes the challenge up several notches by introducing surprise speedups and slowdowns to throw the player off. Beware the frantic ending with a massive increase in both BPM and scroll speed! It has a neat notecount of 777.

Hurtling Boys still seems like the hardest of the three charts, however. If you've forgotten what it was like, here's a video of the chart.

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, the firmware number is 8.03 (since they were undecided on the blog update two weeks back).

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