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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First videos of Taiko Sorairo Game Version 6.07 new songs

Not all of them are here yet (as of now, still missing the Sekai no Owari song, which is said to be the actual band performance and not a cover), but the important new songs in this update all have videos! See more after the jump.

The first video is Oozora to Taiko no Odori, composed by paraμ. Though you can't hear the song clearly, there are three parts to it, the second part being a slight slowdown. The chart is a smooth 9* with lots of fun streams. For all intents and purposes, the streams make this song quite a difficult FC despite its repetitive facade. 864 notes on Oni. Suddenly after translating last week's official blog entry it kinda feels like Kuboken was behind this chart...

Next up, Tsundere Cafe e Youkoso☆ by Neko Jyaga*. Easier and with less volume than Oozora, this song is a high-speed swing rhythm song (BPM230), even faster than Ra Moreena Kumonai. Though the short 1/12 clusters shouldn't trouble players used to 9* Oni, a potentially frustrating combobreaker made up of 1/24 don notes is in the middle. At BPM 230. Yep. Better practice that speed hitting!

Oni has 555 notes.

Third up, Yozakura Braiders, by Ponkichi. Very varied and different in style to the previous two songs, with lots of tricky backbeats and handswitching, mixed with 1/12 and 1/24 clusters too! Not to mention it's  quite a long song so stay focused until the end. 567 notes in this Oni chart.

Walking Through The Towers is unchanged, and so is D's Adventure Note, left exactly as we saw it at the end of the previous UStream session.

Nijiiro no Sensou is still missing. That leaves us with one more song.

The highlight of the day.

DEBSTEP! by Yajuu was chosen to be the gauntlet of the Area Challenge. Yes, it's even harder than D's Adventure Note, much harder, in fact.

The majority of DEBSTEP! scrolls at half speed, to a point much like Bolero in the Classic genre, except instead of dealing with simple notes, this one throws all sorts of patterns and drip-feeds them slowly and painfully towards the marker. Being unable to read patterns becomes DEBSTEP!'s most difficult challenge to overcome, as simple 1/24 clusters on a slow BPM of 130 becomes a superdense 1/48 on BPM 65. Worse still is they're often mixed in with various other elements like 1/16 and 1/12 spacing, making for one of the hardest Namco Original charts to be introduced on Sorairo since Nightmare Survivor (Ura).

A high-quality Full Combo of DEBSTEP! can be found here, performed on x2 speed. Good luck to the tournament players though, for they will be prohibited from using x2 speed to make notes more readable!


  1. Watching DEBSTEP!......
    Original Speed - OH FUCK