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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sorairo version 5.04 videos

Game Version 5.04 is live today with the addition of some pretty cool songs! Here's what is new.

The video above shows the Oni gameplay of Guren no Yumiya, the OP theme of Shingeki no Kyojin. Despite the simplistic patterns the patterns still merits that 8*. 510 notes on Oni.

The other new Anime song which has been added is Preserved Roses, made by T.M.Revolution and Nana Mizuki. In a rather strange habit, this one is the first Anime song which has both the composer names and the Anime from where it comes from (Valvrave the Liberator) right into the song's subtitle! 410 notes for its 7* Oni.

Finally, here are the two new Namco Originals, coming from the first batch of CreoFuga winners from this year's music making contest! The former video shows Aisowarai -made by Chiharu ver.9.1.7- while the latter is Kunikichi's Bakemono Tsukiyo. Both the new songs have an 8* Oni mode, and both of them have different patterns. Aisowarai counts 600 notes on Oni mode, while Bakemono Tsukiyo has 677 notes.

Also, don't forget Ryuitti's Eternal bond! The new GUMI song whose Oni patterns were crafted during the "Let's Make Music Together!" streaming project is now playable alongside these four new songs, now listed under the Vocaloid section and packed with the GUMI dancers. No HQ videos from Game Version 5.04 arcades are available so far, but you can always listen to this video, recorded during the fifth UStream session

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