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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (25 July 2013) - August's early DonChare Halloween

Next month's DonChare unlockable stuff has been revealed, as well as more details about the Taiko Team's second live notechart making event.

In a rather strange twist for August, the Don Challenge goodies for the upcoming month seem to be more fitting for October's frightening celebrations, instead of for the summer. By clearing 8 out of the 10 August trials, Banapassport players will be awarded with Meena no Oyashiki (ミーナのおやしき), a console-exclusive Namco Original from Taiko Portable DX's download packs.

That's not all; there's actually a small chain of songs to be further unlocked (lie the original batch of CreoFUGA songs). Theremin Rhapsody (テルミン狂想曲) will be available to play after clearing Meena no Oyashiki once, while Obage no Oshigoto (おばけのお仕事) is unlocked after playing Theremin Rhapsody. Both were also console-exclusive, coming from Taiko Wii 3 and 5 respectively. All three of them are horror-themed songs.

Completing the scary theme is August's unlockable outfit, the Ghost (ゴースト), which was previously seen in one of the minigames in the 3rd Wii game (yes, the one with Theremin Rhapsody as the main theme!). As usual, it's unlocked by playing once in the following month.

And now, on to the notechart-making project. The second live streaming session of Etou's "Let's Make Music Together" is set for the next week, on August 2nd, from 7:30 p.m. (Japan time) onwards. The featured song is another winner from the latest CF contest: D's Adventure Note, made by Yomii (よみぃ). You can already listen to a sample of the song on Nicovideo (link), while the streaming session instead will be broadcast both on UStream and on Nicovideo.

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  1. Is it related to the traditional "Japanese Summer Halloween" instead? Because even Chinese has a festival called "中元节" which is related to horror things too.

    1. *checks lunar calendar*
      ...Oh. So THAT'S why lol.

    2. I would say more like the trend of having "Gut Testing Contests" in summer camps in Japan, where kids challenge each other to tread through spooky forest paths or haunted buildings and not freak out.