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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (18 July 2013) - Stamina Tarou collab and Gashapon keychains

Today's second blog entry is a bit less exciting than the previous one, as it revolves around some of the Taiko gadgets and ads we have seen over the past few days.

First of all, the freshly-announced Taiko x Stamina Tarou collaboration gets mentioned again, after yesterday's reveal via Twitter. What's new with this additional reminder is that the Stamina Tarou restaurants will have Taiko-themed decorations during the promotional period, as well as a related music selection! In fact, select Namco Originals will be playing in the stores, with intermittent commentary from Don-chan! A nice feature for whoever dines in Stamina Tarou and a valuable reason for the Taiko Team to make puns about the Des(s)ert de Yakiniku song.

The other thing mentioned by this blog entry is about the latest series of Taiko Gashapon keychains; we have already seen those during the last UStream/Nicovideo live session, but now we have some pictures! Much like the old McDonalds gadgets, it's possible to hear sounds being played, by pressing the face of the drum. There are five models in the series, and each of them are priced at 200 yen.

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