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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (5 June 2012) - Taiko Sorairo June firmware update

Surprise update time! Today a new Sorairo firmware update has been announced (Game Version 2.21), introducing a lot of stuff which has been anticipated for months while also adding something completely new which wasn't mentioned before.

Game Version 2.21 will hit the arcade scene on June 19th, bringing five new elements to the table:

1) New songs!

Well, almost. Remember all the new IA and GUMI Vocaloid songs which were shown at the Nico Nico Super Conference 2? With this new update, everyonewill finally be able to play them!

For those who don't remember, IA's new songs are Enmei Chiryou by Neru and Jin's Yobanashi Deceive. These two songs will be available to play together with a third, brand-new IA song, thanks to a collaboration between Taiko and a Vocaloid producer named Ishifuro.

The four GUMI contest songs will be included in the update as well, but they won't be playable until June 26th. Why this delay? Because June 26th is also Megpoid GUMI's birthday!

As you might notice from the image above, there's another new song besides the four CreoFuga GUMI creations (Kohi no Aji to, Juukinzou Fugitive, Dokidoki Koi no Yokan!? and Ninjin Nin). For GUMI's birthday, Last Note's Houkago Stride (放課後ストライド) will make its Taiko debut.

2) IA costume and dancers!

Speaking again about the pink-haired Vocaloid, the upgrade will allow the unlocking of the IA costume to whoever didn't attend the NicoNico conference. The dancers will be present too!

3) Return of the Dojo Ranking mode!

As previously announced in a blog post on May, the Dojo Ranking mode is finally back with brand new courses, new visuals and an evolving costume for your avatar drums, which changes as the player progresses in the Taiko trials. Six courses will be available from default, one for each mode and an extra one for Futsuu and Muzukashii modes.

The outfit above is awarded by clearing the first Kantan course. The more trials you clear, the more this costume will evolve and the more courses will be made available to play for each difficulty!

The in-game layouts are different as well, with the introduction of percentage bars to keep track of the clearing conditions while playing.

The current Dojo Ranking title awarded by players will also appear next to player's name from now on. Players will also be able to disable this new feature, if they want!

4) Camera campaign for new costumes!

Have you missed some of the previous monthly-themed costumes from Katsu-Don? If your answer is 'yes', the Taiko Team gives you another chance to unlock them with a new camera feature (and the first time they're using it for something useful).

You access this new feature in the Character Entry screen, after having registered your character with the Banapassport and having chosen your playing side:

The left button is 'skip to song select', but choose the button on the right and you can use the camera before playing. Showing specific things to the camera will unlock the costumes!What has to be presented to the camera? Taiko Team will reveal them in the blog at a later date, but aside from the seven Katsu-Don costumes, there is one more which is brand-new!

All these new features will be sent to Sorairo arcades on June 19th (except the GUMI songs). Looking forward  to it!

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  1. Has anyone figured out what to show the camera to get the costumes?