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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (27 June 2013) - July's Donchare/Notechart Making

This Thursday's blog entry forecasts a pretty lively beginning period for Taiko in July. What's new this time?

For starters, now we have a date for Etou's "Let's make Music together!" project; next week, on July 5th - 7.00 PM (Japan time), a livestream will be hosted by the team and this will cover the tournament stuff.

Of course, the main focus of the day will be the live creation of note patterns of a song chosen by Etou among the latest CreoFuga winning songs: Ryuitti's Eternal bond. You can listen to it on Nicovideo by following this link! Pattern suggestions are already accepted as video comments, so now Etou will start from these and then continue with the live reactions from the livestream.

Aside from this notechart-making event, the broadcast will reveal the first info about the Taiko Summer Tournament's schedule, and some news (wonder what this is?). Like the past broadcasting event, it will be possible to watch this one both on UStream and Nicovideo.

Now, on to Sorairo's Donchare for July. After a new song, Sorairo arcades will get another revived song this month. The song in question is Chata's Dream Tide -Yume no Chouryuu- (Dream Tide -夢の潮流-), which was previously an exclusive default song for Taiko Wii 3. For those who can't remember the song, here's a video for a quick reminder.


July's new costume is the Watermelon (スイカ). Very fitting for this season, isn't it? As usual, it's awarded to every Banapassport player who plays Sorairo on July 2013.

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