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Monday, June 24, 2013

Made By You: Special Packer Feature II

Allowing good music to accumulate without featuring them is bad practice, and Packer suddenly turned up with tons of new compositions and accompanying charts so it's time for another Packer special!

An easy chart? Yep, this is one rare occasion where Packer makes an intermediate-level Oni chart for one of his songs. "The Boy Who Could Stop Time" (which sounds like a sequel to The Boy from Polaris) is a pretty gloomy piece which resembles a tune from an RPG game....well, at least the remix of it. The composition started out from a more relaxing, quiet piece of piano music with a low BPM. Not something you can make a crazy Oni chart out of! Enjoy the music!

Next one is the second follow-up to Packer's Atonement series, called Cain, which once again emphasizes a horrific, scary atmosphere akin to the Tokoyami no Mori songs, except this takes on a more active, energetic vibe rather than completely dark and ominous, turning quite positive at the end actually. And with all those amazing-sounding beats everywhere in the song, it's extremely easy for awesome patterns to be laid down.. Watch out for all the changing scroll speeds and large notes!

Also listen to the original song here.

Next up, Starlight, another new original with many synthesizer instruments in it, very Bemani-ish in vibe and fast paced. The chart is quite an interesting one; from the beginning to the middle it resembles Yozakura Shanikusai (the regular Oni) with its repeating 2-2-2-6 note clusters of all different patterns, then moves towards a more streamy chart with lots of complicated bits, fitting the music well. You can hear the original music here.

Finally, the last song for the day is another of Packer's long-running series, the MIZU songs! After a short preview of the first seven songs (some of which we haven't seen yet), we reach the eighth song in the series, called Atlantis, named after the legendary underwater city and very much suited for this purpose. Immediately from the beginning there is a powerful aquatic vibe in the techno song that establishes itself and doesn't let up until the end. The 9* Oni is not too overpowering and very fun to play, even with all the irregular 2 and 4 note clusters. It's something worth trying out!

Listen to the original here!

Because of this feature, there are a couple of charts that are submitted by you that are left out, but don't worry, there will be another Made by You this weekend to finish up everything!

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