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Monday, April 29, 2013

NicoNico Conference exclusive song videos

The weekend is over all too soon and it brings the NicoNico Conference 2 to a resounding end. All the Taiko songs promised to be shown there were all there, including the seven Gumi/IA songs to be added in a future update, but right now let's concentrate on the other three which would probably not have a chance!

The first video is Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, a very old Vocaloid song composed by 'ika' and obviously sung by Hatsune Miku. Despite its age, it continues to garner tons of views and a full version of the song was recently made a few months ago too! The Taiko chart is similarly old in style, a 6* Oni with dead spots, scant clusters and lots of drumrolls and big notes. The video glitches up from the second half; no it's not your computer's fault!

Now for the two Touhou song remixes. This one's Bad Apple!! feat. nomico, a remix from the song of the same name. Basically speaking, Touhou is an indie bullet-hell game that has tons and tons of updates and sequels, and praised all over for its phenomenal music. Bad Apple!! rates at 8* Oni with 544 notes. The chart's not half bad actually; lots of 1/12 notes in between. Video glitches up again after the halfway mark; why doesn't someone do something about it?

Night of Knights is probably one of the most famous compositions in Touhou; you've probably seen this being used in other user-generated content rhythm games online (and a zillion custom Taikojiro charts for it). And for good reason; the song's rhythm is frantic and full of key points to lay down some really nasty beat patterns, with 2 note clusters making a particularly heavy presence. It's a really fun-looking 9* Oni, and one of the first modern-day songs to have forked paths in its charts.

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