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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (4 April 2013) - Taiko Music Contest Recap

Today's blog entry is just a reminder about the latest Taiko CreoFuga contests, both the Spring 2013 and the April Fool 2013 one.

The Taiko Team is happy to state that both contests have gathered a large number of songs; as of today - 10 days before the deadline of the Spring 2013 contest - a total of over 200 songs have been submitted in the two contests, with 70 to 80 of these coming from the 1 day Dokodon Fighters contest!

The Spring 2013 contest will have five winning songs, which will be featured in the summer Taiko 2013 arcade tournament, while the April Fool one will have only one winner, and as mentioned before, will also be used in the current arcades as well. The Taiko Team mentions that the song will be put in the Game Music genre, quoted as coming from the Dokodon Fighters game, which we all know doesn't even exist! Lots of laughs indeed, guys.

And speaking of April Fool pranks, the Taiko Team has already begun to think about next year's prank, according to a secret message in this blog entry's source code:



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