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Friday, April 26, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (26 April 2013) - Puzzle&Dragons on Sorairo arcades

The "limited-songs-on-arcades" fever is becoming quite a thing on Sorairo arcade and another team-up with GungHo's Puzzle and Dragons is going to lighten up this trend once more.

Next Monday (April 29th), a big Puzzle&Dragons event named Pazudora Fan Thanksgiving 2013 (パズドラ ファン感謝祭2013) will be held at the Tokyo Dome City in order to promote their succesful mobile game once more.

Some Sorairo arcade builds will be here as well, but with a major difference: aside the regular songlist, the Game Music Walking Through The Towers (iOS's old 'Puzzle&Dragons (Boss Song)') will be made available to play for the event, with the Taiko + custom dancers as well. Again, this song won't be added through a public firmware update, so give it a try if you are nearby Tokyo until you can!

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