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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (25 April 2012) - A May of Donchare and Children

Another month wraps up, which means that it's time for another Don Challenge-related blog post! There's also something about this weekend's NicoNico conference as well.

Katsu-Don was already used to DonChare revivals (we had Hello! Halloween last October), so Sorairo continues this trend. This time, clearing 8 out of the 10 monthly trials (11 with the Group Challenge) will result in the unlock of Kamikaze Remix, a very popular Ridge Racer song which was introduced in Taiko 11. To give the song some credit, it's one of the very few old GM songs which has kept its 10* Oni rating under the new difficulty standard! (well, according to Taiko Wii 5 anyway)

By playing once in May, Banapassport users will be also awarded with the Koinobori (こいのぼり) outfit, in honor of one of Japan's national holidays on May; May 5th is the second Children's Day of the year, in which boys set flags shapes like carps on top of high poles.

Later in the day, the blog post was also updated with early video footage of the exclusive content which will be featured in the incoming NicoNico Super Conference 2. Partial video footage of the three limited-edition songs is here as well, revealing their star ratings and a good chunk of their Oni mode patterns. All the videos below are hosted by NicoVideo:

Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪【Shite Yan Yo】 (rated 1/5/5/6)
Night of Knights (rated 4/6/7/9; each mode also has forked paths)
Bad Apple!! feat. nomico (rated 3/5/6/8)

There is also another handy video which sums up Taiko's presentation material to be shown at the conference. It all sounds like the same stuff we've heard (twice before in fact), until...

You saw right, folks: the custom Taiko cabinet will mark the debut of special dancers for another member of the Vocaloid family! IA's new songs (and Children Record, presumably) will have a new set of dancers, which will be ported to the public build in the future, when the new GUMI and IA songs are added in another update.

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