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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (14 March 2013): Mata Saitama 2000

Today's song feature by the Taiko Team is the opening of a new chapter in the 2000 series after Joubutsu and Shimedore marked its end the first time. Presenting Mata Saitama 2000!

And now Etou invites Linda AI-CUE to the blog to talk about his creation. It's been six months since the previous 2000 song feature in the blog.

Linda had already wanted to make a new song after the 2000 series came to an end (guess he wasn't so busy after all), but could not find a name for this new series. "xxx 200" "xxx 20,000,000" (imagine that. The Twenty Million series.) or "xxx 2.0" and many other things involving one '2' and many zeroes.

In the end he settled to go back to the '2000' name anyway, and decided to celebrate the revival of the series in a big way, with a very cool-sounding song, and with the support of the Namco Sound Team, a draft song was created.

There were many random thoughts thrown around as to what the revival 2000 song would be about, but the general idea was something that sounds like Saitama 2000. No one knew how the topic derailed to talking about food. Bit by bit, they figured that introducing the prefecture of Saitama was the best way to go.

Now, to figure out the sounds and vocals in the song. This time, all the grunts and noises were made by Linda AI-CUE himself and there were many ideas for this, including deep forceful breathing, recording sounds very very closely to the mike, and editing all the recorded sounds to high heaven. Linda's voice was lowered by one octave and the whole thing was distorted, creating something truly unique.

The phone sound codes were intentionally put in, and you can try to decode them by buying the Donderful! soundtrack CD, which includes a sheet of Mata Saitama's message and a chart on how to decode it.

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